What do you think about "purse feet"?

  1. I've never put any of my expensive handbags on the floor, and always wished that all purses came with metal feet on the bottom. There are metal purse feet you can purchase and attach yourself, but that comes with a price: You have to cut holes on the bottom of the bag and attach those metal feet. Here is a diagram.

    source: http://www.umei.com/hb1/im/purse-feet-12.jpg

    Would you cut holes through your uberly expensive bags just to protect them from the floor??

    I think for purses under $100, it's ok. For anything more than that, I don't know..........

    PS. I hope posting this picture is ok......if not, don't hesitate to take it down.
  2. oh no... i'm not going to hole my bags for purse feet :P
    i think purse feet are nice, but i don't feel the need of them in all of my bags.
  3. Goodness No. I can mess up a lot less than that. Even if I were gifted in that way, I couldn't take the first "stab."
  4. Ahhh, just the thought scares me. Nope, I wouldn't do that to any precious purse!
  5. I prefer structured purses with feet - if they are allready there. But I really wouldn't punch a hole in any bag, expensive or not, to add them! :wtf:
    On a slouchy bag, feet doesn't matter that much, the bag wouldn't stand on them anyway.
  6. i agree, i like purse feet on structured bags. and you are right vicky, they wouldn't make a diff on slouchy bags. all my bags are full of baby stuff, so i often have to put the bag down somewhere i don't like, but my burberry candy check has feet and so does my gucci tote which is nice.
    and i would NEVER poke a hole in my bags....
  7. I would never punch holes in the bottom of my bag. I like it, though, when my purses already come with feet. They do offer a slight bit of protection so that you don't scuff the bottom of your purse during normal wear.
  8. Absolutely positively NO way would I try that.
  9. Cut a hole? The mere thought:wtf:
  10. I prefer bags that come with feet but I won't cut holes in my bags to add them.
  11. Oh hellz naw!
  12. I don't mind purses with feet already in them, but I wouldn't add feet to a purse.
  13. I'd never ever punch holes in a purse =/
  14. Oh my gosh...most definitely not!! I'm not going to poke holes in my bags!
  15. Never. But I don't like purse feet anyway...I like my bags footless!