What do you think about Pucci?

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  1. What you think about Pucci cloth? and pattern? I got 6-7 pieces from Pucci cloth line. I love them but I couldn't afford more as the price tag is horrible.
  2. I love the bright patterns! They aren't for everyone though. I have quite a few Pucci scarves and I wear them all the time. I would like to get a dress soon too.
  3. love pucci....they have some really cutes wedges I would like to get.
  4. I don't own any Pucci, but I do like some of the vibrant colors and patterns.
  5. Love Pucci...the colors and designs are so fun and cute.
  6. i love the shoes and purses! not too fond of the clothes though, not because i don't like the patterns, but because i'm not that crazy about the style

    if you have the time, post pictures of what you have vicky :smile: i always love to look at pucci patterns :smile:
  7. Always Love Pucci bags and shoes, they are so gorgeous and cute!! Yeah i second madzia thoughts, do show us ur collection. :yes:
  8. I adore Pucci...and am a collector!! I love vintage, and I think I have probably 8 items...a dress, cropped jacket, pants, 5 shirts...and some scarves!! I love, love, love it...and am always on the hunt for cool vintage pieces!
  9. I love Pucci scarves!! I have a few, and I like how you can rock them as a funky headband, or tie one on a Balenciaga bag, or whatever (mainly with the cotton ones) :smile:

  10. i LOVE pucci, i think the color combo's are AMAZING..
    i think you have to carry the patterns and colors with confidance though, otherwise theres not much point.
  11. I love pucci scarves too-I hope to get a pair of pucci pumps one day too!
  12. i love pucci! i hate a pair of rainboots from them and looking at them always makes me happy on a rainy day. the prints are so cool looking.
  13. Pucci is timeless.
    I love the patterns.
    I wish I owned some.
  14. I love Pucci! their patterns and the colours that they use are wonderful!
  15. I LOVE the pucci bikinis :biggrin:
    totally want to get one!!:heart: