What do you think about price? Baby Cabas...

  1. I have an opportunity to buy a new Bronze (Khaki) Baby Cabas from someone. She wants close to $2,000 for it. Do you think that is too much? Also, I have seen a few posts about questionable quality of the Cabas... is it a well made bag or is it a cheaply done bag? I haven't seen it in person . I would be buying it from someone across country and won't be able to see it before buying. Need your input, please!
  2. i think $2000 is fair. without tax it costs almost $1800
  3. Mine doesn't look cheap at all. I really tossed it around the past three days and it looks great. I'm hoping with continued use I can still say this!
  4. Thanks... roey, which cabas do you have, is it the bronze?
  5. I won't say the bag is cheaply made, in my case you can't really see the leather tears on the strap unless you are like 1 inch away from it. Mine is a bronze and the color is in fact gorgeous.

    And with tax mine was $1943, so $2000 is a fair enough price I think.
  6. With tax, mine was a little over $1900 so $2000 isn't that bad. The bag is absolutely gorgeous and doesn't look cheaply made at all imo.
  7. Will the Baby Cabas (that's the one without the big CC's and with quilting on the bottom, right?) be discontinued or will I be able to get a hold of it in the summer without paying 100's of $$ more on eBay?
  8. I have tossed mine around since Dec 2 and the leather is still pristine. The metallic leather of the bronze cabas is more durable than the distressed leather of the black, white, and teal. It's a thicker leather and doesn't fall into a heap when it's placed on the ground.
  9. I think the Cabas is the best bag investment I have ever made..Im getting my third one!!LOL!Thats a testimonial!
  10. I bought a baby cabas for 960 pounds. It is the most expensive bag I own :p . My mom said it was too expensive to pay for a bag but I do like it a lot!