what do you think about paddy agenda

  1. I think it's adorable :yes: .
  2. How adorable!!! :love: Does anyone know if it comes in more colors?? I like my accessories to be bright so this may be a little too dark for me... Just as well.. I probably shouldn't buy more agendas.. :shame:
  3. I love the agenda!!! It's on my Christmas wish list :yes:
  4. Love it!!!:love: :love:

    Although, it does seem a lot of money now i've just bought a whole bag for less than half price!;)
  5. it's in my wish list, too. :heart: but as chicky said, it is a lot of money for a agenda. I bought LV agenda for about 300 bucks. almost, half price!
  6. Ooh how cute is that...!! I wish they had some more colours, I'd love it in some brownish shade :love:
  7. the link doesn't work anymore? =( does anyone have a picture they can link so i can see? TIA!
  8. Here you go :heart:
    chloeagenda1.jpg chloeagenda2.jpg chloeagenda3.jpg chloeagenda4.jpg chloeagenda5.jpg
  9. I wants it, my presciousssss !! :graucho: