What do you think about organizers

  1. How many of you use Chameleon or Purskets (or other type of organizer) in your Coach bags? What do you think about how they work? Do they add structure, peace of mind and save time from digging around for the lost lip stick, etc? Would you recommend the use of an organizer. Pictures would be great.

    I know there was a thread mentioning the use of the pursket in the Carly, I couldn't find any other references, for other bags or other types of organizers.
  2. I have a puseket, and I absolutely love it. It's great for keeping a number of items when I switch from one bag to another, and it does help keep structure in a bag. I keep my digital camera, pens, a small notepad, mints, handi wipes and sunglesses in mine.

    I really hate switching out bags too much but find it necessary depending on what's going on, so this really helps me keep from losing all my stuff.
  3. I love it! I remember seeing someone say they used it for their Carly. I already had one but it was too big for most of my bags. But it's perfect for my Carly. I don't have to dig around that huge bag for all my things and it helps keep me organized. :tup:
  4. I have a Purseket and I love it! I purchased it for my large Carly and it's great. It adds a bit of structure to the bag and helps keep everything nice and organized, so I'm not forever digging into my bags.
  5. my problem is most of my bags are all different sizes, so an organizer wouldnt work for most of them, so wouldnt make switching any easier.
  6. I had a Purseket, but I sold it because it just annoyed me...not sure why, though!
  7. I have a chameleon liner in my Mandy. I love it - keeps my bag clean and organized.
  8. I am using a large purseket in my large Carly and love it! It is so easy to find stuff and I can have my bag loaded up and it actually feels lighter...I think it must be because the weight of what I am carrying is better distributed around the bag and not just pulling in one spot. And I love the key post. I always worried that my keys would scratch the leather on my wallet and now that is not a problem anymore.
  9. Could someone post pictures? It would be greatly appreciated. :smile: I was looking into getting one but haven't seen any pictures of the carly.
  10. Here is a picture of my large purseket with my large carly. I got the london plaid purseket to lighten up the interior and I thought it would look nice with the denim and brown leather of my carly. This isn't the best picture...this was taken just after I got it and it doesn't look like it is sitting in there too well, but it really does fit nicely. It overlaps a bit which I like (better than being too short).
  11. I ordered a small and medium chameleon today, I will post pictures of them in my coach bags when they arrive.
  12. i have a purseket but stopped using it...i use too many cases - pochette, pouches, etc., and it keeps my bag organized.
  13. Bringing up an old thread. I would still like to see some pics of the chameleon liner-especially in a Mandy. Thanks
  14. I have a custom Chameleon and Purseket. They're great for the bigger bags! Such time savers!
  15. Hmmm...they are good for the lg. carly, but what about the meduim? Would the medium pursket fit in a medium carly? do you think it would change the shape?

    Sorry to hijack your thread, farmerswife, I think an organizer is a great idea if it fits in your bag!!! it annoys me so much when I can't find something in my bag!