What do you think about my small vuitton collection??

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  1. Do you think i have a good collection?, what do you recomend me to buy?, which one do you like the most?. Be nice, im too poor to buy much lv stuff, :confused1: but im saving to but more!! :yes:
    Credits: (all of them authentic of course)
    Messenger Bastille Damier ($1,000)
    Speedy 25 Monogram ($595)
    Pouchette Epi Noir ($360)
    Multiple Bill Holder Damier ($350)


  2. you have a nice collection and welcome :flowers:
  3. I say buy what you like. You've got a great collection started already ;)
  4. :nuts: Your collection is awesome!! Love the DAmier, my favorite!!!! Welcome!!!
  5. great collection.
  6. You have a lovely collection!

    One of my favorite staple items I would recommend is the Mono PTI wallet!
  7. Nice collection and welcome to the forum........
  8. Your collection is great! There's no such thing as too small of a collection!
  9. Hey, you have a better collection than me! I think it is great! Maybe next buy something from the MC line!
  10. Perfect beginning. All pieces can be worn for an elegant evening or casual daily. Welcome BTW ! :yahoo:
  11. Very cute collection. congrats.
  12. Welcome to the forum! :flowers: You've got a very nice collection. Love your Speedy and your Damier pieces!
  13. Not that small--I only have one so far, tho I've given a few as gifts. I think the ones you have are classic and will work for you as long as you wish. You are starting to collect beautiful bags at a young age! And buy what you like, not necessarily what others say is best unless you love it also.

    You obviously have very good taste, so trust yourself.
  14. I think your collection is great. = )
  15. its really nice
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