What do you think about my purse?

  1. I make handpainted bags for 1 year.could you make a comment to my bags?
    5.jpg 6.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. I think that you do wonderful work. Do you make the bags your self or do you paint them. If you make the bags you might consider trying out leather. I think your painting skills should match your medium or “canvas”.

    I have considered my self to try out painting, but I am still in the construction obsession faze :smile:
  3. Gorgeous work! I would definitely become a customer.
  4. Narv-Stitch-I only paint them.I can't make bags.I wish I do but I haven't got this skill.Thank you so much.I will try to work with canvas.
  5. OMGosh, you're talented hunnie! I honestly like all of them.
  6. Beautiful work!! I've always wanted to paint one of my bags, but never had the courage.
  7. Those are amazing! My favorite is the very first floral one that u posted. :smile:
  8. They're all beautiful... not crazy about the floral/tapestry design. The best are the one w/ the face and the one w/ the Russian nesting dolls! :smile:
  9. You are really artistic........I especially love the last one!
  10. those are lovely! so unique!
  11. OP, I'm a very big fan of the last tote bag!
    Do you do this just for fun, or is this your own little business?
  12. OMG! VERY creative!
  13. those are sooooo pretty!!!

    may i ask what type of paint you use on that canvas bag?
  14. beautiful!!
  15. I love them. very pretty