What do you think about Mini Lin Danube?

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  1. I would ask you what you think about the Mini Lin Danube? Has anybody this bag? I would buy a light bag (not too big!) with long straps for holidays and visits in town. Long straps for crossing the body because my Dalmatien and my Mini-Schnauzer are always with me!:heart::heart:
    I have the Speedy in Mini Lin and i love it very much!:heart: So i think, that de Danube could be a good solution for me? Other ideas? :confused1:Thank you very much!
  2. I think it's a very practical and nice looking bag. I considered it myself, but as I have similar type of bag I passed on it. I think it would look awesome in Dune.
  3. its very pretty in dune.. as long as u dun need a lot of space, it should be enough for a small wallet, hp and keys..
  4. It's not my style, but I love the Dune!!! and I think it is really practical!!!!
  5. I think it's a pretty and practical travel bag. Love the mini lin!
  6. its not my style either, but i love it as a throwaround bag for shopping or whatnot. hands-free!

    saw a lady at williams-sonoma with one! it was really nice looking...
  7. I've seen this and played around with it in the store. I'm a small bag girl myself but I don't think this would be large enough--and for the price, I'd rather pitch in more money for a larger mini lin shoulder/messenger bag such as the Noe or bucket!
  8. too "old" for me
  9. Karman, that's right, but there is no other possibility for a bag with long straps (cross the body!).:confused1: I like the Saumur very much, but that's a shoulder bag! I want to have my hands free when i'm walking with my dogs.:confused1::confused1: Very very difficult!:nogood:
  10. I've liked this bag ever since it came out, but I ended up with the bucket instead. Sometimes I still yearn for the danube as well. It's very light and looks very cute. I'm just worried about the dune color getting denim transfer rub-off so ebene would probably be better for frequent use.
  11. I tried on the Saumur as a cross-body bag, and it looked great!
  12. oh I loooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 it´s the only bag in my wishlist right now, if you have the chance go 4 it!!!!!!!!!!!! dune is a very gret option but I think it would be a hell to take care of it and trying it not t be stained, and ebene is the color I looked the first time so I´m in love with it, go 4 it if you can you wont regret i tried it at the store and it´s very very comfortable too
  13. Saumur is really more of a cross the body saddle bag.
  14. Thank you all! I'll go to LV next week, i'm invited for a cocktail there. I think the ebene would be the better colour for a city bag, but i'll have a look at both. I have the Speedy in Dune and i like it very much! But i'm very very careful with it. For a city bag (holidays, walking with dogs) i think the Dune is to "sensitiv"?!
  15. I'd like to know too!