What do you think about MC Eliza?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone out there has the MC Eliza. I was thinking of getting it, but worried that it may be too small. If anyone has it or has seen it IRL, could you please tell me how much it'll fit inside? Is it a practical everyday bag? For those who have seen it, what do you think of it?
  2. I do not have it, but I do like the style. However, it does look too small for my liking.
  3. I have one and love it! Here is what I carry in it:

    -pochette wallet
    -ludlow wallet
    -wapity (as my makeup case)
    -4 key holder with car key attached
    -cell phone

    It fits really comfortably on the shoulder and carries more than you might think.
  4. Oh you have one?? Could you post a picture of you carrying it or a picture of the inside of the bag when all your stuff is inside? Pretty please?? It would really help me make a decision. I'm debating between the Eliza and the Aurelia MM :yes:
  5. I saw it at LV and thought it was a bit small for me.
  6. here are some pic's, they belong to a pf member.
    insidelll.jpg insidestuff.jpg
  7. i do think it's a bit small and with its price you can get something bigger from other lines..
  8. I can take some pics too, but the pics below look great. It is a smaller bag but holds all of my essentials :yes:
  9. Thanks for the pics....helps a lot. It definitely holds more than it looks like it can! I've looked at some shoulder bags in other lines, but nothing's jumped out at me yet. Want a medium-sized bag, nothing too small or too big. As of right now, the Aurelia MM would be my 2nd choice. Any other suggestions from anyone? Or, between the Aurelia MM & Eliza, which would you pick?
  10. I like big bags so the the Aurelia MM or gm (size of the mezzo)would be great.
    I think this bag is cute too but for nights out, or if you carry very little and arent into big bags.
  11. I went into LV on Monday - just to "look" at the black MC line again. I tried the eliza and I thought it was too small , I did like the Aurelia MM it is a good size except the double straps would drive me nuts. I tried the petite noe and it was instant love. The SA remined me of the heat stamp done with a blue color on the luggage tag that comes with it and that pushed me over the edge. So, try the noe or just keep trying different bags if you have a store near you until you find the one that screams at you to buy it.
  12. I have the aurelia MM in white and it is a great everyday bag. I have wanted to check the eliza out for those nights out. I need something that is bigger than the pochette.
  13. It's about the size of a Trotteur...
    Iono why, my DAD LOVES this bag...it may be cute, but I personally think it's quite useless. When i was buying my Lodge, my dad urged me to get this one instead.... And now, I'm going to buy another bag (still debating on MC Speedy or Le Talentueux....argghh! so mad! lol), my dad is still going on and on about how cute the Eliza is....
    He was talking to my SA about this and she was like...."yes... but SHE (me) is right, it's very small compared to this (other) bag"....
  14. I did love the MC Noe, so cute! I didn't know that they could heat stamp the tag, that's so cool!
  15. not my type of bag.