What do you think about MC alma?

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  1. What do you think about the white MC alma ? I got one and the patina is honey now. I always adore and love the MC bag but my problems are always with the patina. I sold my Azur speedy which I love it a lot but couldn't cope with the handle color changing process. Anyway, I miss it a lot and plan to buy another one in Saleya style.

    Do you think the bag itself is beautiful? Should I sell her out?

    Any opinions will be very appreciate. :flowers: Thanks a lot!
  2. If you don't like the pantina sell it and get a new one
  3. I wish I could understand why people don't like patina! Vachetta is lovely in all its phases...new, light, medium, dark, loved! It is really part of the mystique of LV! I say learn to love the patina and keep it! The MC Alma is a gorgeous bag. Try to equate the darker patina with a more mature LV love!
  4. I'm not a big fan of the Alma, not a Saleya either. Sorry. But I do love the Trevi PM :graucho:
  5. The Alma is one of my fave LV styles. If I were a woman and owned one, I would spray the bottom vachetta with Apple Guard or something to prevent from getting anything on it. :sweatdrop:
  6. :lol: I never own any bags with dark patina before. I also got a MC speedy and the patina is still super light. It has been almost more than 3 years since I bought her.

    I sold my Azur speedy becuase I saw a girl carried an azur bag with dark patina and I felt it's the ugly bag so I have sold her out before it was getting darker.

    Maybe I will consider to own a LV bag until its patina almost dark and I may begin to like it :rolleyes:.
  7. You can probably spray it with some water repellant but I would suggest trying it out first on some other bag so you would know how much to spray. It makes it repellant to water but will darken the vachetta very, very slightly...

    I have the Alma and I love it to bits. But if you don't like the vachetta, then sell it and get a new one.
  8. I had the MC alma in black and white. So gorgeous, but I never used either as I was scared to get it dirty. I ended up selling both.
  9. I had the Alma in white, but I found that since it was a structured bag, it was a bit heavy. And since I'm short I was always banging it against my leg. I wound up selling mine. I love the style, but it just didn't fit me.
  10. I love it...it was the 2nd MC bag I got not long after they came out; I fell in LOVE when the SA took it out of the dustbag and showed it to me. It just glittered.
    Anyway, mine has a medium patina and I've used it quite a lot, I really like pieces with a medium patina. If you don't like the color, I'd suggest you sell it and get a new one. The price has gone up quite a bit since then though, so what you sell it for may end up being just over half of what the new one will cost (unless that doesn't matter much for you, of course).
  12. oh, i love the alma...if only i wasn't saving for another chanel flap i would buy an alma in damier or MC..congrats.. keep it it's such a lovely bag and uncommon shape now a days..but truly a classic
  13. I love the MC Alma and I am a huge fan of patina .... so I'd keep it.

    However, there is no point in you keeping if your not totally in love with it anymore and know for sure you will never use it again.
  15. i love it in black i want one