What do you think about LINDY HERMES? Yes nor Nay?

  1. Hi gals,

    I saw one LINDY Blue jeans colour..
    I need yr advice abt LINDY H, Yes or Nay to get it?

    Thanks for yr support!!
  2. Very neat functional bag! I give the Lindy a YAY!
  3. I bought a 34 in black Clemence it is a VERY functional bag. I will say it isn't as much of a WOW bag as maybe the kelly and birkin are. More understated and functional. So it all depends if you want WOW or function (just my 2 cents)
  4. The BJ Lindy you saw .... was it in Clemence or in Swift?

    The picture below is a Lindy in Clemence.

    Photo Credit: hennessyhennessy (eBayer)
  5. I find the Lindy to be a very "fun" bag, personally. It's not my own style, as it seems a bit "young" for me and not really suited to my needs. But I have seen several people carrying them lately and I think they are *really* cute on other people!! It's apparently been a huge success; I think I read somewhere on the forums that it's now Hermes' third-best seller, after the Birkin and Kelly.
  6. I bought that BJ lindy from Hennesy :smile: I love the Lindy, I get a lot of compliments when I wear this bag, it's very practical, and very versatile.
  7. WOW!! Even beat out a Bolide?

    Personally, I think they look younger on the shoulder, but can mature with you when switched to hand-held or over the crook of the arm....KWIM?
  8. Apparently? I read that here on tPF, though, and don't really know the details behind it. Maybe it was specific to a certain country, maybe it's worldwide, don't really know. :shrugs:

    Honestly it surprised me too when I read that because I haven't seen all that MANY in stores; so while I do see them selling quickly, I am just surprised that there were enough already produced to result in that type of sales numbers for the company. Does that make sense?
  9. I think the Lindy is a darling bag...however, , mine starts to drive my crazy after a short while. I guess I am too demanding. I don't like to have to put my bag down to get into it. And, unless there is a trick I don't know about....I think it looks better to zip it up. Just a personal quirk.
  10. golden's mum, is it too squishy for your liking? When I first started using my Lindy, I had my bagmate organiser in it, until I got used to the slouch of the bag. Now, I use without, and love to see the bag sag right down in the middle to give it the "fortune cookie" look. I never ever zip it up. I just use it like a postman's bag, with the flap casually flopped over.

    Cynthia - I was told that from the time the Lindy was launched, it was one in, one out. Pete & even my manager confirmed this piece of information from the Mothership.
  11. I second mrssparkles, I never close the zipper either and I like the folded look too. I often use it as handheld in the evening. This bag really grew on me.
  12. I give Lindy a Yay...I think Lindy will be my next H bag...Thanks to HK's modelling picture the other day.
  13. I don't know what the problem is. Well, yea, take that back. I bought the wrong color...and the wrong size. I bought the smaller version, and I think with all that I take, the larger size would have been better. Then, the color, I think if it had been a darker color, I would carry it more. Live and learn. My sister is now "in possesion" of the bag. And, she loves it.
  14. Sorry to hear that, golden's mum. You're a great sister to your little sister! :heart:

    My purchase decision was made easier with the help of my manager. She just "instructed" me to go for the 34cm, and I took her advice. I spent alot of time deciding on the colour though. She thought I should have the most sought after Rose Dragee, but I declined and after weeks of looking at colours here, I chose Etoupe Swift.