What do you think about "legit" knockoff bags?

  1. For example, at Urban Outfitters, they carry lots of bags that look a lot like designer bags. I saw such a blatant Gryson ripoff there the other day!

    Or, what about lower-end brand name purse manufacturers borrowing the designs of higher-end handbags?
  2. To answer my own question:

    Designer knockoffs from the regular manufacturing channels don't bother me, particularly. They are just not for me, I'd rather have the real thing! What do bother me are black and grey market fake bags which purport to be real, because these bags are generally tied to organized crime, etc.

    I find it so weird that I happily buy lots of generic groceries and other "knockoff" household products, but I just have to have the "real thing" when it comes to handbags and shoes!
  3. Doesn't bother me that much really. I can't stand fakes, especially when people try and pass them off as the real thing like on eBay. I think fakes are generally tasteless and tacky. You wouldn't believe how many people in my town carry fake Chloe paddingtons, it's laughable.

    But as for other designers doing stuff in the style of, I don't have a major problem with it. Although I must admit I don't really like the out and out direct copies even though I've bought a few in the past (I'm not very confident in my style and choosing things sometimes and I can't afford to make mistakes!) The way I look at is this - is there anything truly 'original' left? Look at the charts - half the stuff is covers or samples of other songs, does that make it bad?
  4. I actually own two bags who resemble the originals bei Tod's. They are obviously not originals but made of good leather and they look nice. As long as the knockoffs don't look cheap and as long as they try not too hard to look like the original it's okay for me.

    Regina :smile:
  5. Eventually every designer gets copied by other manufacturers....it's just a matter of time. There's nothing wrong with it because they have their own labels on them and it is not their intention to sell them as knock-offs. It just happens as time goes by. It might take a few years, but you'll see all sorts of bags that resemble top designer bags. I don't have a problem with that at all. Fakes with designer names, on the other hand, are just plain and simply counterfeited merchandise and are against the law.
  6. I don't like them in general. I bought a gorgeous Italian leather bag right around the time the Chloe Paddington came out, and realized my bag was a blatant knockoff of the Paddy and gave it away (even though it was a $200 bag....). But on the other hand, I have another bag made of orangey leather and white pony hair, that is pretty clearly a Kooba Sienna knockoff. But the Sienna never came in this great pony hair, just boring ol' leather! So I guess I can't say that I'm TOTALLY against "designer inspired" bags, just....generally against them, I guess.
  7. Bags by Melie Bianco, DIVA, are knockoffs but they are made of very cheap materials, even cheaper than the authentic knockoffs (no pun intended :p). I think these bags are marketed as Fashion Bags, for people who don't care about designers but want to be trendy at the same time without spending too much.

    On the other hand, although the knockoff's from Hong Kong and what not are made of real leather, fur, etc. There are a lot of reasons why I wouldn't buy these bags. One reason is the politics including labor issues. Second, some of those real furs you see on fake bags/clothing is made from someone's pet that had been stolen. The lambskin they use probably come from baby cows who were just born a few days. There are no regulations there for leather/fur harvesting as far as I know. Ugh!
  8. I am waiting on a Banana Republic bag that looks *a lot* like a Botkier. I bought it anyway because I like BR's quality when it comes to bags and know it will last forever. So, I guess I am not opposed to it as long as they are not so close that they are trying to pass off as the designer bag themselves. All the major chains are going to get inspiration from the designers. And even designers look to other designers for inspiration and to see what's hot and will sell. There was a thread recently on the Chloe forum about the new Marc Jacobs patchwork bags that look very much like Chloe's patchwork bags from a couple of seasons ago.
  9. I don't mind it. I personally think there's a big difference between a decent "designer inspired" product from a legitimate designer and a pleather piece of crap plastered with fake logos. IMO "designer inspired" bags pay homage to the real designer, while fakes are trying desperately to be something they clearly aren't...
  10. i don't mind them, i think they are a great alternative for people who can't afford purses but don't want to carry a counterfeit :tup:
  11. They make things out of pony hair :wtf:
  12. they don't bother me as long as the logo is not the same and they don't claim to be the real thing. I wouldn't buy it, but I don't care if others do.
  13. My friend and I--we're college students--went out to lunch the other day and when she got in my car and saw my Gryson Skye, she said, "Oh! Did you get that from Urban Outfitters??" I told her no, she swore that they had the same bag selling at UO! haha! :wtf:
  14. I was looking at Banana Republic's new spring handbag line and many of the bags look like other designer bags. They have these mirrored clutches that look just like kooba's penelope clutch and another bag that looks just like the botkier sasha duffle. I don't have a problem with designer inspired bags, but you'd think they'd be able to come up with something different!!!
  15. hey, if it looks good and the price is right, then why not