what do you think about LB AMFAR vanity designed by Sharon Stone ?

  1. Hello, I just purchased an authentic LV AMFAR designed by Sharon stone in Craigslist, I took it to the LV store and it is authentic. I have been trying to look for other authentics, but it seems these bags are very rare. I paid $300 for it. is that good? what do you think about this bag? thanks.
  2. Pics please! :yes:

    I have no idea what a good price is... :shrugs:
  3. $300 is an absolute bargain ! the bag goes for about $800 - $1200 on eBay...it depends on the condition. You got it for a great price :nuts: Congrats !
  4. I've always loved that bag. Wish it was still around -- especially in Damier or Mini Lin!!! :yes:
  5. thanks for your replys. this bag is in GREAT conditions. I looked for it on eBay but didnt find it..I do plan to re sell it, and get the bag of my dreams. which is the manhattan GM! I just love it. its weird.... but i never was a real big fan of LV until about 5 months ago, and now I just cant stop. My husband says im addicted. I think so too. What is it a bout louis vuitton? hee hee. Now I owe the cherry speedy 25, sonatine, mono speedy 30, petit ellipse, yellow onatah pm, PTI cherry blossom wallet, PTI peppermint vernis wallet, medium looping bag, croissant, and a marshmellow vernis agenda. AND I WANT MORE! thanks
  6. Oh... The amfar 3. I thought u meant the hard case one. (They were all auctioned off 2 raise $ 4 amfar at the international film festival in Venice. I know Kimora Lee has one) Anyway, 300$ seems good. Don't know how much it went for orignaly.

    Heres a pics of the amfar[​IMG]
  7. seems like a great price- i like this bag.
  8. Wow! Great bargain! They're hard to find, and I think they're lovely!
  9. Great price, congrats!
  10. Seems like a great price- congrats on the deal!
  11. WOW...that is QUITE the collection that you've put together in the past 5 months!! :nuts:

    Congrats!!! :yahoo: Can't wait to see pics of your dream Manhattan GM when you get it!!!!! ;)
  12. I really like it, my store had this in once and I admired it for awhile. It's really different.
  13. $300 is a great price for that!
  14. Sounds like a great price. It looks like a good shoulder bag.:yes:
  15. That's such a grat deal. Congrats.