What do you think about Juicy Couture handbags + Recommendations!

  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm in the market for a new bag, and I'm not really sure what to buy. I'd like to get a bag from a designer that I do not have yet and I thought about possibly getting a Juicy Couture bag.

    Are Juicy Couture bags good quality and worth the price? I know that every bag is different, but I'm just speaking in general terms.

    Also, if you don't think Juicy Couture is worth the price or that they don't have good quality things, then what brand/bag would you recommend? I tend to like hobo style bags that don't hang too low on the body. Leather is prefferable, but isn't a must.

    I've already got Fendi, Coach, and Louis Vuitton - so I'd like to stay away from those brands. Thanks!
  2. I only have one Juicy Couture bag, and it's a large black leather tote, called "Ladies Who Lunch". I got it on sale at Von Maur, which is probably the only reason why I have it at all -- I don't think of Juicy as line I'd spend real money on because of all the other stuff they make.

    That being said, I've gotten alot of compliments on the bag, and the quality is good. The only thing I don't like is the interior; it's got the logo lining, and the pockets are made with pleather(?) and have a phrase on it to tell you what the pocket is for. And it has this non-detachable heart-shaped mirror that was driving me nuts so I snipped it off. Ladies Who Lunch Tote (looks like this, but in black)

    If you want something quality, and are willing to spend the money on it, I highly recommend Gucci. The bags are finely made, stylish, and have longevity.
  3. I haven't been collecting handbags long and so far have decided to avoid anything over the $600 range, leaving my highest end designer bags as Kooba Marcelle in Cognac and Sienna in Cream(which is still in box for my B-day in June:hrmm: ) LOVE LOVE my Koobas.

    Anyway, I've definitely developed a love of higher quality leathers and can now tell the difference between a cheap target bag and a nice high quality/leather bag. So that said, I too have looked at Juicy and have been intrigued, but not quite sold on their terry bags. I'm just afraid I'd ruin the terry in a heartbeat. I also worry that some of their designs are really only for teeny-boppers and at 37 I'm slightly out of that range:Push: .

    But...for some reason I reeeally wanted a Juicy bag (it's my 17 year old heart) and I recently stumbled on this one:sad:Shopbop.com photo)

    It's called the Juicy small quilted bowler. I bought it in white, but it also comes in black and chocolate brown (but I think brown has strange pink quilting?) I liked the white because the stitching doesn't contrast with the bag-looks slightly more sophisticated IMHO. I haven't recieved it yet, but I'm expecting it any day from Nordstrom. I'll let you know what I think of the quality when I recieve it. So far I think it's so cute!:love:
  4. I bought one of the terry bags and I honestly love it! I'm not into the gigantic bags, and some of juicy's are just too huge! for lack of a better pic, this is the one I bought http://images2.nordstrom.com/images/store/product/medium/158732.jpg
    except where the black is on this pic, mine is the terry cloth green color, and it has gold hardware with a purple strap. It's really cute, it can't fit a lot, but, I tend to carry around a lot of junk I don't need, so, this is perfect! :smile:
  5. I had a large leather bag with half chain and half leather handles about 4 years ago, but then I reluctantly passed it on to my niece....I was too old for it, IMO (40 at the time). The bag line itself, is well worth the money, for the quality you get. But unfortunately, I don't think they are considered classics bags, if you are in the market for classics. They are great bags though, for the young and the young at heart!...and they won't break your wallet too much!
  6. We have the really large white leather hobo with rhinestone studs on the wide handle...I think it was $495. Last month we got the beach bag that comes with it's own towel and pin and wallet. Everything seems to be well made.
  7. I don't own Juicy bags yet, but I find them very adorable and feminine. I would like to have some of them. =) Quilted Leather Bowler in White & Pink are very cute!

    If you are looking for a nice leather shoulder bag from Juicy, I would recommend Betsey. I saw it in Dark Beige at my local Nordstrom, the leather feels extremely nice. Neiman Marcus carries Dark Beige, White, and Black.

    (source: neimanmarcus.com)
    Juicy Couture Betsy Leather Shoulder Bag
    A sleek shoulder bag with a playful Juicy Couture touch.
    • Betsy Style.
    • Choose white (shown), dark beige (see below), or black leather.
    • Contrast leather edging.
    • White, brushed silver metal hardware. Dark beige and black, golden hardware.
    • Shoulder strap with ring insets.
    • Hanging signature charms.
    • Zip top with studded pull tab.
    • Stud trim on soft body.
    • Two inside pockets.
    • 100% cotton twill logo-print lining.
    • 11"H x 21"W x 5"D.
    • Imported.
    Price $350.00
  8. I agree w/ bag.lover. The Betsey has recently been seen on Molly Sims in US, etc. Very cute!
  9. Hmm...I have tons of Juicy bags (even dog carriers) and honestly, I regret buying them. Not to offend anyone, but I do not want to be carrying the same bag as my 16 year old sister and her friends. I'm only 22, but I prefer LV, Gucci, Chanel, etc. I also really like Coach if you are looking for something more affordable.

    I have lots of Juicy clothes that I still wear, and just bought some adorable crown earrings from their new boutique in Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall. Even my dogs have some of their clothes and collars:smile:

    For some reason, though, I just don't carry my Juicy handbags anymore. I think it is because I found out that Liz Claiborne is behind all of their bags (maybe the entire brand now, too...I'm not sure). That being said, I like alot of the recommendations that other PF members have on this thread. That quilted bowler,especially, is really cute:smile:
  10. Couturegrl, I believe that Liz Claiborne actually purchased Juicy Couture the brand in its entirety; however, Pam and Gela remain in charge of Juicy Couture as a whole--does anyone else know? so I think that Liz Claiborne is not exactly behind the bags, as far as the design goes--just manufacturing, etc. It would be interesting if someone else knows! I have a leather hobo that I love and I wouldn't buy the terry, but that goes for any brand or designer, not just Juicy--I think any terry bag is probably not the most practical purchase, period, but at least the Juicy ones would be more affordable than, for example, a Pucci
  11. The company was co-founded in 1994 by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash as Travis Jeans Inc., a line of maternity jeans named for Nash's son.
    In 2003 Travis Jeans Inc, which owned all of Juicy assets, was purchased by Liz Claiborne Inc. for US$53 million, plus a percentage of future earnings. Skaist-Levy and Nash-Taylor remained co-presidents of the company, and remain the creative minds behind Juicy Couture.
  12. i just purchased the new "princess" bag by juicy in black quilted leather with cream topstiching...i'm in my 40s (act like i'm in my 20s...) and have been collecting bags forever...i really do like the juicy line...some of the bags are for younger people, however, i've seen them on older women as well...i love the one i got and think it's a great style for someone in my decade...also, maybe it's me but i don't know THAT many teens who can afford 300-700 dollar bags... : )
  13. The only 2 Juicy bags I own are daydreamers and I use them for overnight trips alot or a day at the spa/friends poolside. I actually thought about selling them today but changed my mind the last minute. Just not ready to part with them yet.
    DSC00854.jpg DSC00857.jpg

    These are very well made IMO.
  14. i have only Juicy Terry Fluffly Bag but i love it because it looks so lovely . My friends love it even more than my Chanel , Dior , Escada.... bags . I can't understand why but maybe because asian girls love something which looks young