What do you think about Jasmin in myrtille ?

  1. Is myrtille great color??

    What do you think aout Myrtille Jamin with silver hardwares?

    Can you please show me your epi in myrtille color?

    Does the color hard to match??

    Thanks !!![​IMG]

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  2. The Jasmin in myrtle is a nice choice because you don't see it too often. I don't think it would be a hard color to wear. I have a Jasmin in mandarine and a Speedy in red epi. I'm considering getting something in myrtle too. I say go for it!
  3. I think the myrtille is a really pretty color! It seems very versatile too.
  4. That's a great bag! I'd actually suggest the Segur PM too. They're similar prices and sizes. But the Jasmin does hold a little more... I just love the push-lock detail of the Segur.
  5. LOVE it...wish I had one to show you. In my top five "wishful*thinker" list....


  6. thanks ladies
  7. Myrtille is beeeautiful! I love it!
  8. Here is my Myrtille Segur MM. I think the silver hardware is wonderful with the blue - both cool colors. I have always admired the Jasmine, but I am more of a shoulder-strap type of person.
    segur mm.JPG
  9. Oh...I want this bag! :tender: This will be my next LV purchase.
  10. It's a very nice color! Matching clothes is not my specialty and I'm sure I'd botch it up with such a beautiful bag!
  11. TDF! I love Mrytille!
  12. Thanks for the pic Sue, what color of clothes do you normally wear when you carry your segur?
  13. I love this too! But I wonder if you can wear it in winter, is it easy to match with winter darker clothes?
  14. i think myrtille is a beautiful color and i think jasmin is gorgeous.. together they are TDF! you can't go wrong with it...
    as long as you don't wear clashing colors like bright red or orange, i think myrtille will go with anything :smile:
  15. I love the myrtille jasime!! It's such a beautiful color that I don't see around at all...it would look great with darker colors, browns black and of course white