What do you think about giving out contact info?

  1. I've seen a lot of posts where people end up talking over the phone about eBay items with sellers/buyers by using the "contact info" we give eBay. I got an automated request today that a buyer had gotten mine. I've never had to go that route and sort of feel odd thinking that a random person can up and call me if they want... and have my phone # (which is my cell, because we don't have a landline). Has anyone had bad experiences with this, or am I just being paranoid? :shame:
  2. When I sell, sometimes I get bids from new users w/ little or no feedback.
    I like to check out the contact info to make sure it's not a certain someone in disguise to get back at me. (See website link).

    I have only called a buyer once - when they did not respond to my emails.
    I wanted to give them one more chance before I reported them as non paying bidder.

    I think it's ok... as long as only someone you have transacted with is allowed that information!
  3. I know what you mean, it does seem strange wondering if a complete stranger is going to call you about a transaction. As a buyer, I like the feature, it makes me feel safer knowing that I can request this information if I need it.
  4. We welcome calls from bidders/buyers during business hours if they have a question that just can't wait for an email answer, but it's our business line, not a personal one that is published. I can understand that someone wouldn't want to be contacted on a personal line so I guess I see both sides.

    However, if there is ever a problem with a shipping address which does happen occasionally, if we don't have a number to reach a buyer, the item won't go out until they check their email and get back to us. Some bidders don't check their email everyday and I hate to hold up a package.

    And a bonus, it's nice sometimes to talk to the person behind the ID. 99.9% of the time, they are just lovely and appreciate the personal contact.
  5. The phone auction has been invaluable to me. I have led many a newbies through the process over the phone. It was that or never get paid. I only call once though. If no answer I leave a message and that's it. One bidder actually did have their computer crash and their honesty over the phone was so apparant. And also the times that the contact info was wrong? I contact eBay and go on. It's a good tool when not abused. I've never had someone ask for mine but then again I always pay within minutes of the end of auction.
  6. it kinda creeps me out. i wouldn't want someone calling me, especially since i pay right away. email's fine, but calling me...uh...no. i can see why powersellers supply their numbers, but for the occasional buyer or seller with good feedback, i wouldn't share #s.
  7. There are several reasons for checking contact information, one if you are uncomfortable with a bidder and two if they are overseas as the telephone number is required on the customs paperwork.
    When you request contact information it gives you the name of the account holder, the city & state or country in which they are located and their phone number.
    It came in very handy when I sold my Chloe bag last year, the payment came from a different person as the account holder and the address was unconfirmed. It was really strange because the ebay account belonged to someone with an English name in WA yet the payment came from someone with a Chinese name and in CA. So for the first time ever I called the number and it was the movie phone line!! Yep, I almost died when I heard welcome to movie phone.
    Needless to say I processed a refund.
    It's just a handy tool to have and most likely saved me from being scammed.
  8. i won't mind... although people usually mind to call me. i'm not from states :p
    but i got a call from a buyer from states, but she's from my country too and we have a nice chat.
  9. I understand the reticence although actually once the phone was very useful in a transaction that was getting a bit heated. The seller put his phone number on the bottom of the email and I rang him. There are things about emails that make 'reading between the lines' and tone difficult to judge sometimes. I am convinced that being able to speak to each other and discover the reasonable human being behind the sale avoided a potential dispute. And this is from someone who hates talking on the phone!
  10. Ooh they get your cell phone?? BAD NEWS!! ( it's my opinion )
    I ever stated my cell phone on our ( my friend & I ) auctions on another site than eBay and you know, there's some crazy women sms me everyday ( act like my boyfriend ! ) and kept asking about our LV.

    The worst thing, they ask anything and act like they serious intend to purchase & forward payment. They ask anything unnecessary such as:
    - does your Sac Kathleen fit for my small umbrella
    - could I use it as shoulder
    - could I bring my little dog, etc
    Imagine, do I've to put a little dog to my bag first to answer their silly questions??

    Then after all details & many sms respond, they said,"Ok, I'll let you know if I interest to buy it"

    OMG!! I mean, what for the ask all that trashy questions if they not interest??

    Waste my time & money ( international sms around $1 per 1000 characters )

    Now, if I get their sms again, I never answered. I mean, I've email address, what for they think have to sms me??