What do you think about getting/owning a Nuvola?

  1. I've been thinking about getting one...not that I need one but every since I've first seen the nuvola, I've been tempted to get it. I probably would have if I'd had access to one in a B&M store.

    But before I drive myself crazy wanting to get one...(wait..already have:drool:) does anyone own one and could possibly tell me the pros and cons on it (trying to decide once and for all either to get it or not...rather than continuously drifting in the middle:wtf:)

    I keep worrying about what I could put in it, all these bags just seem so delicate. Regular lesportsac bags (older styles) I can get cheaper at Century 21, so those bags I don't mind beating up.

    I still haven't seen one in person yet, not even macy's.:push:
  2. Delicate? Onf of the things I relaly like is how STURDY the seem!

    The first bag I bought was a citta rose nuvolu.

    Pros: It's very cute and comfortable to carry.

    Lots of pockets for organizing!

    The main pocket is pretty big you can fit more inthere than you might expect.

    Cons: The pocket on the strap is pretty small, phone or ipod only will fit there.

    The smallest of the three outside pockets is also really small. About all that fits is a lipgloss. My Razr phone didn't even fit in that pocket!

    Because of all the zippers across the front the print gets pretty torn up. Since it was my first bag I didn't really understand about "print placement" so it was no big deal.
  3. I really love the nuvola (I don't have one, unfortunately)... I'd jump at a chance to get one in foresta. It'd be such a great bag for school, to carry around folders and notebooks (nothing TOO heavy! :p). I've seen a few on eBay~
  4. I was this close to ordering an inferno nuvola................:shocked:

    Need to fight addiction.....this forum has made it considerably worse. argh :boxing:
  5. Full size (8.5 x 11 paper) folders or notebooks would not fit inthe Nuvola... it's only 7 - 8 iches wide at the widest point.... it's really not a very big bag compared to a lot of the others.
  6. Oh really?? Wow, I didn't know that!! In that case, I wouldn't think the nuvola very practical as a backpack... haha that's saddening to me D:
  7. I like it cuz you can see a lot of the print but I don't think I will be using this style much...
  8. i like the style...but doubt id use it much if i ever got it...
  9. Its cute, I think it would be a perfect jogging bag! U can place water bottles and a towel and run around the park in it! :smile:
  10. its cute but im more drawn to the scuola for a backpack.
  11. I finally got through all the pages in the tokidoki pics forum and saw the size of the nuvola in comparison to the other bags.. it is kind of small...

    I will post my pics up soon too - when my shipment comes.

    after looking at all those pics... I'm thinking about getting the cammo black print in something.......maybe
  12. Did you end up buying a nuvola??

    you need to speak to robotkitten she's the president of the nuvola fanclub but she's on vaca right now!:sad:
  13. the nuvola seems like something you could also use for like a day at disneyland or something where you don't want to carry a purse, but need more room than a canguro, but nothing as big as a scuola...lol
  14. Yup. That's it exactly. The first two bags I bought were the nuvola and the bambinone and I used them on vacation interchangeably. The nuvola holds a little more than the bambinone but not as much more as you might expect!
  15. hmmm....I like the idea of having one but after much deliberation...I don't think I'll get one unless it's a crazy deal. I don't get to go one many vacations besides traveling for competition...hearing that the zippers scratch up the print...kind of bothers me, and the idea of using it in the summer and possibly sweating (tanks/halters) on it isn't too appealing either. (i'm thinking about that pic of that asian girl on the tokidoki website wearing a nuvola, looks good...but I dunno anymore)
    Knowing me...I wouldn't use it that often...... (but I still want one:girlsigh:....darn...going in circles)
    That's alot of $$ for something you know you won't use that often -even before you buy it:wondering