What do you think about Fanny?

  1. Seen at net-a-porter and on chloé-com....

    It's so cute wiht the bow :heart: :heart: :heart:


    Anybody seen it IRL?

    There's also a bean-colored one and a black shoulder-bag.

    Like it sooooo much :yes:
  2. I like it a lot for evening. I would buy it - absolutely!
  3. OMG fanny is a slang term for ladies front bottom here in England - I've just spit tea all over my computer. *wipes eyes*
  4. yep, love the Fanny description!!! its great!

    Isnt there a fanny bag in the US that was just like the belt bags over here in the UK?

    hee hee, such simple things make me laugh! Back to the bag, there has been one on eBay for ages, and it keeps being reduced in price, so I dont think so far its been a popular seller, but I love bows as an adornment, so I would love one, but I would wait for the sales on this one if I am completely honest :smile:
  5. It's very pretty, I'm agree with divnanata: very nice for the evening. But for me will pass a lot of time and many chloè bags before I decide to buy one.

  6. What we call bum bags, people in the US call fanny packs, don't they? :lol:

    The one on eBay's the shoulder version (with the chain strap), isn't it? Apparently, sales on eBay are slow in general (presumably due to lack of confidence?) and as it's still instore, why would someone want to buy it on eBay, anyway? :shrugs: Also, the seller's feedback isn't the best (although it's certainly not the worst, either!), he has a few accusations of things being used, when advertised as new.

    The clutch seems to be selling steadily on NAP. I will try to hold out until the sales, if possible, though! :biggrin:
  7. Yes...before I get this f... bag ;) there will be others before...

    I will wait for sale, too. :yes: