What do you think about EbayExpress.com??? Would you buy designer brands from there?

  1. I've seen if a few times, seems like they have some reputable and authentic stuff but it still is ebay after all. So I was just wondering if anyone has made any purchases or has considered buying from this site or would you consider spending your money there?????
  2. Anyone who has a fixed price is in ebay express. I was surprised when I saw a couple of my things in it a few days ago!...you dont have to do anything or sign up for it, your items will just appear there. Its legit. I guess many buyers dont want to bid and wait, they want to buy something outright.
  3. This is not exactly the way it works.

    In the Selling Preferences area of My eBay, there's an eBAy Express header. Click on the "show" link to the right, and it will open up to show you if you are qualified to sell on express and give you the option of being included or opting out.

    These are the requirements for sellers who want to be on Express:
    Maintain a feedback score of at least 100 or more, 98% positive or better.
    Maintain a public feedback profile.
    Be registered as a U.S. registered seller, or Canadian registered seller shipping from the U.S.
    Support your listings with a PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account.
    Ensure your PayPal account settings are set to ship to unconfirmed addresses or make sale-by-sale decisions ("Ask me for unconfirmed addresses").

    The full details are here:
    Selling on eBay Express