What do you think about Damier with vachetta?

  1. Some examples of the Centenaire LEs:
  2. It looks interesting! What is the name of the 3rd bag pictured?
  3. It definitely looks better without vachetta
  4. I love it soooooooooooooo much, I would love a keepall like this. It looks 100% better with Vachetta
  5. I think it looks better with vachetta too......makes it a little more feminine. I have always thought damier was very masculine looking. I like it better.
  6. Not sure.. I think it was a Steamer? My dial-up is so slow I can't reload the page I got it from!
  7. i don't like with vachetta at all.
  8. not a fan. love the dark brown!
  9. I think it looks not quite awful. But almost. The damier azur would be a better choice.
  10. It is called the Steamer from the Centenaire Collection 1896-1996 celebration of 100 years of LV
  11. Hmm I like the dark better :smile:
  12. I like the chocolate brown better...I agree that the vachetta looks better with Azur...
  13. I like dark better too.
  14. hmmm...I don't think I'm a fan of damier with vachetta. Part of the reason I loved the damier was because the dark brown leather looks so good with the checkerboard pattern.
  15. Don't really care the the vachetta on Damier.