what do you think about cheating??

  1. ok. i have a question. how many of you girls have cheated on a bf/gf? cheating consisting of kissing etc etc...a couple of years ago i was in a semi-serious relationship and was a cheater :shame: i was only 16 at the time and the relationship has been over for a while and it didnt end bc of the cheating.

    looking back (im 19 now) i dont know how i kept my mouth shut. i have such a guilty conscience (sp?) maybe bc i wasn't fully satisfied and would go elsewhere for the attention. god i feel so guilty about it now as this guy and i have become decent friends. he still doesn't know and i still feel horrible when i think about it. i know it would still crush him if he found out:Push: .

    cheating sucks and i regret that i EVER did it. i know that i will never ever ever in my long-legged life cheat on another person. i couldnt imagine someone doing that to me i would be extremely hurt so i feel incredibly bad for ever doing it to someone. i just hope karma doesnt come and bite me in the a$$. but i believe the universe feels my pain and knows i regret it. hopefully...:shame:
  2. I have never cheated. Sounds like you have pretty much figured out the consiquences of cheating. Its terrible and will have you regreting junk for a long time. If your 16 or 116 its never right, and just causes damage one way or the other. Looks like you've already figured that out. Total Bummer.
  3. I don't know if you will consider it cheating but a guy kissed me ont he lips when I was in a relationship (that I'm currently still in) and I froze cause I've never been to the dating scene or parties and such. I didn't kiss him back. I pushed him away and told my BF that night over the phone. I don't consider it cheating. I was jsut at a party at my cousin's friend's house and he liked me but I didn't know and we were just talking and I was dancing alone and then he started dancing with me (which was a first for me cause I've never gone to parties before that) and that happened. Other than that, nothing.
  4. I did it when I was young and will NEVER do it again. I cannot tolerate it in my mate either. severe character flaw. forgivable once, but after that - asta la vista baby!!!
  5. I kissed my ex while I was with my rebound guy. -shrug- It was stupid, and then I broke up with the rebound guy and dated the ex again. Eh, I'm a sucker lol.
  6. bagsnshoo im with you on the ill NEVER do that again boat! :smile: and would NEVER put up with that from a bf now.
  7. did it once.. regret it so much.. if bf ever cheats, I do not think I can forgive him.. then again, we have been together for 7 yrs so I will not condone cheating at all at this point.. (maybe if we were just hanging out at the beginning but gosh, 7 yrs is 7 yrs.... I think that the relationship is pretty serious not to be cheating with anyone other than me.. hehe)...
  8. I don't believe in cheating never have done it, more than anything else because I would loose respect for myself. Never do to people what you wouldn't want done to you, karma is a B****.
  9. Did it once...in my serious high school relationship (ya know...graduate high school with the same bf after dating 2 years in HS) that when I look back on now was a horrible one that I subconsciously wanted to get out of. It was a horrible experience.

    And being the super honest can't keep anything to myself, I told my boyfriend at the time. Ug...it wasn't pretty.

    Needless to say, that relationship ended after being together for 4 years. But it was best for all and I will NEVER EVER EVER CHEAT on my current hubby...the true love of my life. :smile:
  10. When I was young (in highschool) I did what I consider to be overlapping of relationships. They werent important/serious relationships - each one only lasting about 30 days. As soon as I met my husband (I was 16) it was all about him.
  11. I used to cheat on boyfriends all the time when I was younger and never really felt bad about it.

    Now that I'm older and understand the true value of what a committment is....I would never cheat.
  12. I have never cheated on anyone, and I don't think I could ever do that to anyone. I was cheated on and I was very hurt. He was my first :heart: (or so I thought at that time). It took me a while to trust again.
  13. I cheated on my boyfriend once when I was younger. I would not/could not do it again- nor do I desire to cheat on my husband. I don't think I could live with myself and I'm not sure if I could forgive him if he cheated on me.
  14. My "first" did to me with his "first :crybaby: and then I always "had to be the one first", not fun at all and very cruel:mad: . As I got older, I knew NOT to do that. Comes with experience, glad you've learned early.:yes:
  15. I think cheating is a bad thing. WHen I was younger it was something that I did without even really thinking about it. IN hindsight I think I was able to do that because I didn't VALUE that relationship.

    IN my relationship with my husband, I care about him too much, I respect him to much, I would never want to hurt him, and I would never want to participate in something that would most likely destroy the framework of marriage.