What do you think about Chanel....?

  1. I got a Chanel Chocolat watch in silver. I have bought it for 1,450 pounds and now it is on sale! Very disappointed with it :wtf: . Anyway, I still love her :heart: . Now began to wonder about J12. Will it gonna be on sale some day in the future?
    :sad: I ever saw couple of J12 on sale in watch shop for 30% and they are all in black with black diamonds. It makes me think one day I will saw white J12 on sale and that will make me feel so bad.

    Any opinions? :sweatdrop: As I plan to buy a J12 but mom told me to consider for Cartier or Rolex and she showed me an example of my Chocolat watch. In reality mom knows nothing about J12. She only knows that its brand is Chanel. I am not that rich and I rarely have things over $3000. I think I got only a Chocolat and Vertu mobile which over that budget. :shame:
  2. HI, VICKY

    You happened to bring up a topic that is dear to my heart -- watches! I think one's assessment of the value of a watch depends much on your preferences/priorities. For less than the price you paid for the Chocolat (I'm assuming it's stainless steel 'cause I don't think the watch comes in silver), you could have a decidedly "better" watch in collector terms... e.g., a solid gold case (maybe even with diamonds if that matters to you), a superior movement.

    If the design of the Chocolat -- and the Chanel branding -- appeals to you, then try to enjoy those characteristics, those are what you paid for. The competition in the watch world is fierce -- especially in its price range level -- so I think it's unrealistic to hope that you'll never see a Chanel watch discounted.

    As an aside, Rolex's are not fabulous watches, but the company has a fabulous marketing division. There are soooo many fakes out there now, however, that even amongst those for whom the name has had great cachet, Rolex is losing its attraction. It would not be an outstanding investment imo (if you're buying with an eye to reselling on down the line), and you can find similar or even better designs from other manufacturers. :smile:
  3. Hi cocklecove,

    I mean chocolat is in silver tone :smile: and sure it made of stanless steel. Sorry for not clarly stated about it.

    I never see any rolex watches and classic catier like tank and santos on sale and I think they will never be on sale too.
  4. Our handbag sisters may not appreciate us wandering far afield here, Vicky, and I have to head off to the office. But I'll send you a PM later with more of my thoughts re: your concerns. And the Purse Forum has a Jewelry board where you undoubtedly would get other feedback too:

    CHEERS ~ Karen
  5. Forgot to give you the link to the Fashion & Art Watch board at TimeZone (a watch forum). I bet scrolling through the pics & comments there might give you some other models to consider too :idea:
    TimeZone: Fashion & Art Watch Forum
  6. I love the J12 design and I dont care if ROlex lasts longer or is more expensive because I like the J12 design better than most Rolex.
    Have you considered Cartier?
  7. :drool::drool::drool: