what do you think about Chanel classic flap large

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  1. Noriko...what do you mean the bag can be redipped??
    If I buy a white, and it changes colors over time it can be redipped?
  2. I was wondering the same thing!!!! Does anyone know?
  3. ^ I have been told by SA they can re-dye the bag, I think that's what Noriko means.
  4. I bought exactly the same bag and will post pictures as soon as my dear brother bothers to upload them from my camera since I dont know how to!Anyways, I am happy with my choice but I am quite tall 1.74 (5.10 i think) and normal weight i.e. 62 kg (yes always on diet in order to look normal) so on me the medium was just too small I think and I carried the large as an evening bag and It was perfect ( according to other people's comments NOT MY MIRROR'S). lol.

    Have no regrets, otherwise change it. It such a nice ba and you should feel exited about it!
  5. thanks for your opinion cyprus:smile: and congratulation to you for getting the bag in paris :yahoo:
    well at the beggining i thought the bag i bought was large but it was actually jumbo. I use it quite often and i love it.
    recently i'm thinking of getting another chanel classic flap but this time "east-west" one, holizontal in shape and second smallest one? i think. have you seen the bag in paris? do anyone of you know how much it is in euro?
  6. Yes I think I have seen it and if it is the one I think it was around 840 euros. I remember because I was thinking of getting that as well:nuts: .Unfortunately I had spent so much money in general because I was away for 2 weeks in London, Rome, Paris and then back to London and theses cities are generally quite expensive and the sales were on everywhere so I was tempted and bought some other things and when I got to Paris, I had no money left for 2 Chanel .

    Anyways I dont believe it, we have exactly the same taste, what a coincidence:wtf: .
  7. we do have similar teste :yes:. 840 euro is not too too bad:rolleyes: just have to think about which colour i should buy red/beige. oh and when i could have the money :P

    thanks for the information cyprus:heart: