what do you think about Chanel classic flap large


Jan 2, 2006
hi all. this is my first post :amuse: I know that many of the members here have midium flap but recently i had chance to get large one. Do you think it was a good choice or i should get midium instead? thank you in advance.
i also picked gold as opposed to silver chain. it's quite shiny:weird: .with my skin tone, gold was more me...so i thought but do you think it's too in your face? I'd really like to carry it everyday and wanted this bag to last ages to come...but not quite sure about the size and chain selection.
Yours sounds really pretty. I think it all depends on how it looks on you. Do you like the way it hangs, and the proportion of the bag in relation to your body?
You should go to Chanel, if you are able, and try on both sizes side by side.
In that case, I think it's really a matter of personal preference, sandcastle. Try to balance your need for space vs. your feeling of how each bag looked on you.

Re: hardware, his angel, it really depends. I think that I can like either, on a Chanel bag! But it seems as though sandcastle made a good decision on this, because she was going by her own skin tones.
i like them all. ha!ha! no seriously, the medium is more of an evening bag. i too like gold over white hardware( my skin has alot of olive in it) the large size is more of everiday use. i see alot of pictures of one of the olsen twins with her red large caviar one with white hardware. its stunning, but what she wearas with it has got to go.