What do you think about babies that have their ears pierced?

  1. I think it looks cute, but I often wonder if that's something you should let your child decide if they want, or don't want themselves.
  2. Personally I think it's not my place to pierce a child's ear - I think it's their decision, one that they should make in their teens.

    Thank goodness I've got boys!
  3. my parents pierced me when i was a baby and i was glad they did it.
    it saved me the pain because i can't remember it LOL

    and if i don't want my ears pierced later on, i can just not wear earrings adn the hole will closed up in time :yes:
  4. I have debated this myself. I got my ears pierced when I was four. I remember saying I wanted it done, but I think I only wanted it because my mom sort of talked me into it. I didn't understand what getting your ears pierced really meant. I just knew that I would get to put pretty things on my ears like my mom had. I didn't know it would hurt. My ears got a little infected and I was miserable. I was afraid to even wear earrings for a long time, because the pain of the infection scared me. I like having pierced ears, but sometimes I think I should have been able to make the decision when I was old enough to full understand what I was getting myself into.
  5. My ears were pierced when I was 3 months old...a cultural thing because *every* woman in my culture wears earrings. I don't wear them now, but if I am home I'll probably start wearing them again.
  6. No big deal to me. I got mine pierced when I was just an infant. Legend goes that I had so little hair on my head that people thought I was a boy, so my mom got my ears pierced. They say I didn't scream until the second ear was done. I don't mind that I had it did, primarily because I don't remember. But if I had a daughter I'd pierce her ears. It's not gonna kill her. It didn't kill me. And besides, it looks so cute to me. Just like I was cute when I was a little one.

  7. I didn't have my ears pieced until I was 4 years of age. However, I see nothing wrong with piercing a babies ears...I'd wait until around 6 months of age...but it's been done for ages on babies even younger...I have no problem with it.
    It's the parents personal choice....
  8. Yeah, people do that! I knew a lady who'd make little bows and stick them onto her baby daughter's (bald) head because everyone thought she was a boy!
  9. Lmao
  10. That's what my mom did to me. I have a twin brother. She used to dress us up in blue and pink outfits. My brother would have a blue hat while I had this pink bow sticking on my very very thin hair :p

    To answer the OP's original question, I think it's a decision the parents need to make. I didn't have my ears pierced until I was 5. I wanted them pierced. Honestly, I wish I had gotten them pieced as a baby. I remember how painful it was :sad:

  11. Agreed. It's your child's body, it should be her choice. What's next tattooing a baby? Baby bellybutton rings?
  12. I think if the baby acts terrified about it that maybe it shouldn't be done. Could become a negative memory IMO. I would wait until the kid is old enough to ask for it because they personally want it done.
  13. I do not have my ears pierced and I do not plan on having my daughters' ears pierced. It is not my place to make any modifications to my child's body and I believe that children should be able to make those decisions for themselves when they are older...Same thing goes with the whole circ. dibate...But I do respect other people's decisions if they do choose to do either of the two. None of my business really :smile:
  14. Haha, I feel the same. Except I got mine pierced when I was in 5th grade. But I remember wishing so badly that my parents had it done for me when I was baby! :yes:
  15. i was one of those baby's that got piereced young.. i was only a few months old i think!... i'm also glad they did :biggrin: