what do you think about ann taylor clutches?

  1. I think that AT makes great clutches and other evening style bags. It's great when you can get them on sale too. They're reasonably priced, well made and aren't trendy, so you'll be able to use them for a few years.

    I love that patent clutch! Great classic.
  2. That patent clutch is great, if I had a need for it I'd buy it right away. As it stands I need to save my money for more, ahem, important bags. ;)
  3. I like the patent leather clutch. I also noticed a nice simple satin clutch on their website- I'll definitely be checking these out in person.
  4. when do these go on sale?
  5. also do you like the wine or the espresso.
  6. Love the patent clutch! It's PERFECT with what I'm wearing nowadays. Thank you for introducing me to it! :flowers:
  7. Classy-looking!

    BTW aarti, re monsac.com (you might wish to check out one or two of their black satchels on their newly revamped, more user-friendly website) - I didn't realise their customer service is located in NJ.
  8. Love both of them, especially the satin clutch.
  9. passerby! i tried to message you before, when you sent me a link to that was it netherland site? i couldnt really navigate through it, but a couple of the pages worked and they looked really nice, i liked the color, and now i just checked this site, the satchels look so yummy! they look like ther perfect background for a scarf or something.
  10. oh im glad!! it also has a chain i think i read, and the price is great!
  11. The revamped Monsac site is so much easier to navigate. Some of the bags look very attractive - is there a store in your neighbourhood selling their bags, aarti?
  12. I was never a big Ann Taylor fan but lately they have really surprised me. I still find that over 95% of what they sell is very "not me" or just cut wrong for my build but if you are looking for simple classic pieces (whether apparel or accessories) to supplement your wardrobe, they actually hit the mark really well sometimes. Those clutches are a perfect example. They go with everything and would be great to have around for when you need something classic for an evening out or for an occasion like a simple wedding but don't have time to go shopping.
  13. oh let me check the navigating thing passerby to see where a store is located.