What do you think about American Apparel quality?

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  1. I have recently began lurking around the American Apparel site b/c I see so many posts about their clothes. I am interested in a few wrap dresses, cardigans and tanks. I normally like to stay away from pure cotton b/c while it is one of the most comfortable fabrics, I do not feel it looks nice over time (fades, shrinks, loses shape, piles etc). I have never purchased anything from AA so their quality may be different. I do not have a store near me so I would be ordering off their site. What can anyone tell me about their experiences with their clothes? TIA
  2. http://www.americanapparel.net/storefront/movies/RSA8342/

    I havent purchased many items from American Apparel but I have friends that love their stuff. Although its cotton theres a variety of items that can be dressed up or dressed done. I.E. the video ^^ you can wear it as a casual dress of make it a high top skirt with a tube top and heals... wonderful idea.
  3. ^^^ That video is so cool! It makes me want to buy the dress/skirt/shirt/jumper, even though it wouldn't look good on me!
  4. It depends on the item they're pretty hit and miss in my experience. I love their tri-blend items and their tee's have lasted me pretty long. Where as I've bought their skirts and two toned dresses and they've rode up when out and about. Some people find the unstitched hem on some items a bother as well. Read the reviews because they pretty much let you know whats what, and if possible check in stores and try it on. It's a great store for basics IMO and those nights out when you want something easy to throw on or to switch up everyday wear.
  5. I am curious, too. For basic cotton apparel, they are not cheap so I wouldn't want to purchase if the quality is sub-par.
  6. The quality of the fabric isn't spectacular. It's pretty normal. For me, it's the fit and style that is great. Also, if you buy their tri-blends the fabric is soo soft and holds up well.

    If you buy them from other retailers, it's cheaper.


    for eg. they sell the t-shirt dress for $7.55 ($6.43 if the total items in your shopping cart is 12 or more) instead of $26 (shipping is flat rate $12, so it's a good deal if you buy more stuff)
  7. You can find a lot of American Apparel for cheap on ebay. I think the quality is okay, but it's expensive for what it is. The prices on ebay aren't bad, though.
  8. The AA sweatshirts and sweatpants are amazing. They wash extremely well and are very warm and cozy. I love AA. I have some tees from there too and a sweater. I think the quality is wonderful.
  9. I don't wear anything from there, but my daughter is always buying things from them. So far, everything has lasted.
  10. I think that their quality used to be WAY better about 6 or more years ago. Okay, but nothing special.
  11. The quality is kind of hit or miss, imo. I just bought two of the tri-blend v-necks and one of them I had only washed like twice and the second time I washed it, almost the entire hem came undone and it pilled real bad. And that was after following the instructions. But I have thermals for them that have held up great so it really depends. From now on though, I'm definitely doing e-bay. $22 is a bit too much for a t-shirt that practically falls apart the second time you wash it!
  12. I own a grey cardigans from AA...and I love it!!I might by another one...
    Con: The prices are expensive for just basic tees.
  13. Ugh!!! I've only gotten plain Ts and tanks from AA - but yuck - the hems start unraveling so fast. Their styling and advertising is so good - it makes me want to buy everything - and then I go to the store and actually feel everything and it's like, Oh, yeah, that's why I don't buy anything here.
  14. I think some of them are really nice, but I haven't seen all of them. I have a friend who makes her own tee shirts, but she uses just plain American Apparel tees as the base. I think they are nice, but I've only tried about 2 or 3.
  15. I've had good luck with AA, but based on what others say, apparently they haven't, so I guess it's a hit or miss, and what your personal standards are. My tees have gone through some serious abuse (lots of wear, concerts, dance practice, gym) and have all held up amazingly. The tri-blend does pill after a while, but that's kind of expected, especially after i wore that one to DEATH--was my concert tee (and I'm always in the pit, so lots of rubbing against it) !