What do you think about Aldo's copy of B-Bag?

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  1. I can't afford a B-Bag but love the style. What do you guys think about this copy from Aldo? Would it look too cheap?

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  2. No kidding, Aldo makes these "inspired" bags?
  3. My friend just bought the same one in black. She likes it. This one is pretty similar to the real one. The details are pretty minor. I think if you dont want to shell out $1300 on the real one, this would be a really good start...its only $50. And plus, if you end up really liking the style, you can alway opt to get a real one later on.
  4. It's okay, but I prefer bags that aren't inspired, and are original looking.. I mean, some people may like them, but they're not my kind of bag (Austin Powers !).
  5. I think it's a good way to go for an inspired look. If you like the style and it fits your wallet--go for it!
  6. way better than a fake!
  7. I actually have this bag in black. At the time when I bought it, I wasn't sure if I wanted to shell out the money for the real thing. But now I'm glad I bought this, coz even though I still like the Balenciaga, it's not in my "must have" list anymore.
  8. have u seen their version of a spy? all the teeny boppers are carrying it here, its soooo fugly
  9. Good grief. And it's only $39! No wonder I'm seeing more and more of these bags.
    I don't really mind, but I wonder why Balenciaga doesn't get mad? I mean, LVMH sued Dooney over bags that looked nowhere near their monogram. This is, like, way more overt...
  10. yeah i thought of the same thing! you can't call this "inspired" it is flat out "copied!"
  11. It really looks fake! But whatever is in your budget!
  12. I agree :biggrin:
  13. A friend of mine purchased an inexpensive bag (around $50) in the fall and e-mailed me today complaining that the handles have cracked and the "guts" (her word, not mine) are showing through...she wanted to know if she could contact the company and have them fix it, get a refund, etc. She promises to enter the "real" bag market in a few years, but is fairly young so doesn't see that value of an investment peice. Just remember, if you buy a $39 bag, you will get a $39 bag.
  14. Um, that should have read "doesn't see the value of an investment piece." I am so tired!
  15. I'd rather get an original bag I can afford than an "inspired" bag. There are great bags on the market that do not cost a fortune. Shop around. I'm sure you'll find something you love!