What do you think about Adose Kelly??... please help!

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  1. Today I went to H Boutique and saw Kelly size 32 in Box leather in Adose with Linen fabric , (sorry don't know what it called). .... What do you think of the color or the combination??? Originally I would love to have Kelly in Etoupe with... i don't know ... togo?? But after seeing box leather, my mind has changed! Love the smoothness and everything. And the price is approx. USD8,282. SA said because of the combination with box and linen, it's more expensive than whole leather bag, like togo.

    What do you guys think??? Should I take it or leave it?? SA said Adose is seasonal color.... FYI, this bag is supposed to be my 1st Kelly!! Now i have gold lindy and chocolate birkin. Sooo desperately need to hear from you!!

    Thank you so much.
  2. is it ARDOISE? a dark silvery gray?
  3. So, it's a linen and Box leather combo? I've never seen Adose color before and I have no idea what it looks like.

    If you love the bag and everything, then get it :yes:.
  4. Hermesaholic, Yes it is ARDOISE! .... a dark silvery gray. What do you think?
  5. I like this colour in box leather! Will you regret if you pass up this bag? If your answer is yes, get it! :smile:
  6. I love the color ardoise. But I think they are saying it's "seasonal" because of the linen. Where I live, everything is in season - LOL! So, that wouldn't matter to me.

    If you love it, go for it!
  7. pursenality, mkl_collection, irishlass1029
    Thanks for your input. I do like the bag, but i'm not sure that for the first Kelly (maybe the last) should I go with this combination or just plain leather?? What about maintenance, especially with the linen? :thinking:

  8. Witwit: I think it sounds divine and rare and I love rare..........the gray makes the linen more do-able into september and you could start end of March. the linen wears like iron.........it sounds amazing! Also two tone is not so common. Kind of spectator-y looking. I love ardoise by the way--:nuts::yahoo:
  9. Hermesaholic

    I don't think it's rare ... maybe it only has less demand than regular Kelly. So you rarely see one. :thinking:
  10. I say yes, take it. It's easy to maintain.
  11. I guess that I will only make it more difficult but if you are not 100% sure I think that you shall pass on it and wait for a Kelly that makes your heart sing! If this is THE bag, then you should get it!
  12. I can't comment much about linen since I don't have any personal experience at it. As far as I know, when you send the bag for spa treatment, Hermes does a wonderful job for cleaning it. (Please correct me if I am wrong)

    Speaking of your original choice. Personally, I think Etoupe in Togo looks great on either Birkin or Kelly too. It's a much lighter shade compare to Gold and Chocolate and it's a season less colour too.

    Gosh, I am not helping here. Am I?
  13. I have this combo on a Birkin 35 & absolutely love it. It's a great neutral & goes with everything during the spring/summer months. Bottom line is, if you love it, get it!
  14. IFFAH, kashmira, mkl_collection, jeyatlin,

    Thank you so much. I do appreciate your help. I think I'll wait and see whether I miss it.
  15. Jeyatlin,

    Is your Birkin ARDOISE and linen as well?? Does the linen part get dirty easily? May I see your birkin in this combo?? Never seen one before. Thank you so much in advance : )