What do you think about 2nd hand birkin for $8,200?

  1. I find 2nd hand 40cm Gold BirKin, togo, silver hardware onine. It costs around $8,200. Should I buy it :confused1:? Actually, I've been waiting for 35 chocolate birkin, but this one comes first... what should I do?? I like both colors!! :sweatdrop: ...big thanks for your help.
  2. If it's new or in new condition, that's near boutique price, so imo price is good. But there is a huge difference between 40 and 35 to use - again only imo.
  3. It's not just about the price alone, really. It depends on the condition of this birkin, and whether you can pull off a 40cm birkin. I agree with Hummingbird >> There is a huge difference in a 35cm and a 40cm birkin. Not just the difference in physical size, but also weight.
  4. Hummingbird and mrssparkles ... what do you guys mean about huge different? Is 40cm too big and too heavy to carry? :confused1: ... please help ... I'm still new with birkin. Thank you so much.
  5. witwit, are you planning to use this bag as an every day handbag/tote bag?

    If yes, a 40 is quite large for that purpose and it will be heavy because it is all leather. A 35 does get quite heavy when loaded as well, but it is the size many ladies prefer.
  6. Agree. I have both and 35 is significantly lighter.
  7. Oh ... in that case, I have to pass this one then coz I want to use it as every day bag. Too bad :sad: !!
  8. OH My GOSH the 40cm Birkin just feels so big esp the depth!
  9. Birkin 40's not a popular size because it is heavy, and it looks just proportionally big (imo). Unless you want it for travel or other special purposes. I suggest waiting for a 35. A 35 is what you see most celebrities carrying, it's a good size. Your hermes purchase will be a big ticket item so it's better to wait until the perfect one comes along.

    Don't rush into anything. I know it's tempting especially for a first birkin purchase.
  10. I agree with all and whatever you buy online, make sure you have it authenticated in our 'authenticate this' thread in the shopping section of the Hermes subforum. Too many fakes around to take the risk.
  11. It's big enough to put a couple of children in it (40 cm), I advise the 35 so wait!

  12. :roflmfao:
  13. How tall are you? 40s are big bags - but if you are 6', like BlkLadyLaw, it's a little different. I think it can be relative. I'm 5'11 and seriously contemplating a 40. There are many people here who are 5'2 to 5'4 and prefer 35s to 30s.

    There is no getting away from the weight issue (because I think the floor of the 40 is double lined to hold its shape - or something like that), but it is a lot LESS of an issue, the bigger you are!

    The safest bet is probably the 35.
  14. post pics, be sure it's real before you dive in.
  15. I have friends that have spend $10,000 on used 35cm Birkins so this price doesn't seem that high to me.

    I agree about a 40cm being a bit large for everyday use.