What do you thik of the Damier Soho?

  1. I was looking at LouisVuitton.com and came across the Damier Soho in Ebony and I really like this bag. I like the size, it is not too big and not too small. Any thoughts on this bag??????

    There are too many bags I want now.

    Sophie--but heard it will come in a bigger size???? Need to try to get info on this.....

    Damier Azur Speedy---love it.

    Now this Damier Soho is catching my eye......

    So many bags,,,,,,,so much money.....:wlae:
  2. i just liked it:drool: it reminds me of the steamer but in a small version does anyone know how much it cost???
    and the steamer too...
  3. never mind its :s $1120 30 less than my mage i don't know if its worth it!
    yep im getting it:wlae:
  4. I have the Damier Soho,
    its a great every-day bag that allows hands free, great if you have young kids, or pushchairs.

    The soho is a roomy bag able to carry loads of stuff.
    The cost in the UK is 550 so id guess $1100, the LV website in the UK gives prices so you can look on there and just double the price to give USA price.
  5. I really Love this bag ! its TDF
  6. This is one of my favorite bags of all time. I mainly like the Centinaire edition with vachetta. :nuts:
  7. I think it's gorgeous! Please get it!
  8. I've always loved the Damier Soho!! Absolutely gorgeous, go for it!!
  9. I really like this bag.
  10. i really like it :heart: