What do you tell the kids when the dog dies?

  1. Hi everyone!
    Im writing on kind of a sad note today, my best friend's dog died last night. Her daughter has been crying all day, what can she tell her to comfort her? I know they say its good for kids to learn what death is, but...its soo sad:crybaby:. My friend is just speechless and doesnt have anything to say to her, but to comfort her and tell her Angel(what a name huh?) is in a better place and that she will always be there with her in her heart. Is there anything else to say?
  2. When I was little, they would tell me that the person/pet who had passed on "was with the angels." I understood that I would not see them again on Earth, but in the "great hereafter." If you believe in the afterlife, this may work. I wish them the best, and my thoughts are with them.
  3. Unfortunately, dealing w/ the death of a pet is the first lesson a child has on dealing w/ death in general. It's hard...but the truth is what they need to hear. When our dear cat died I told my daughter that her body got old and gave out just like everyone's does and now she is w/ God.
  4. A lot of people like this poem about when a pet dies. It's called the rainbow bridge: http://www.petloss.com/poems/maingrp/rainbowb.htm

    I don't know what their belief system is, but it might help the kids.
  5. Rainbow bridge..

    I am sorry for thier loss.
  6. Thanks everyone.

    I have to add this story that my friend just told me. How crazy it this.....

    (I copied and pasted it)
    wanna hear something crazy? well, for me anyways.

    Last night I was walking to the kitchen and I decided to look out the front door and there was this yellow lab looking straight at me. He was about the lame age as Angel MAYBE a few months older. But the weird thing is that I have NEVER seen this dog around here.

    I walked outside and he came up to me kinda scared like he used to be hit or something, really skiddish. Well, he has not left... I didn't feed him or anything but he is still laying in my front yard. Kinda freaky if you ask me after what just happened!


    How crazy is that?? Im trying to talk her into going to get his shots and keeping him haha.
  7. Aww.. I'm sorry for your friend's loss.
    Did anything else happen with the dog that randomly showed up?
  8. she should definitely keep that dog, unless she finds signs up that it is lost. If an animal chooses you, you should keep it......absolutely. There are reasons for this, I believe...

    One of my cats decided to adopt my neighbor, and literally moved to her porch! I did not realize that my neighbor was having all kinds of trouble with her BF, eventually it turned out very badly and that cat was, and still is a great comfort to her. Go figure.

    My cat needed to be someone's only cat, and my neighbor needed a fluffy Himalyan to love....it was out of my hands..
  9. Shes going to give him a bath tomorrow, then take him to get his shots....SHES KEEPING HIM:yahoo:
  10. Ok, now, that is amazing! This could work...I hope that you pass it on to her!
  11. PHEW!!!!!
  12. The is also a children's book called "Dog Heaven" Kinda sweet but your friend will want to read it first to be sure it's in line with their beleif.
  13. That's really awesome!! :biggrin: