What do you suggest???

  1. What do you suggest is good choice for a 1st Hermes bag?
  2. I'm sorry I have to answer... I don't know....

    what do you like right now? where do you use your bags for?
  3. Hmmm......you need to be a tad more specific. What will the bag be used for....work/casual? Erm......at the risk of sounding crude, it may also be useful to know if you have a budget in mind.

    If the sky's the limit, a Birkin!

    If you're gonna take it slow, I think a Garden Party has general appeal. It's under the radar yet undeniably H.

    Looking at your collection, if you wanna get something that is designed along the lines of what you're already used to, the GP or the Victoria Cabas would be good for you. A Valparaiso might be a little twist to what you already have.
  4. Evelyne! So versatile, so Hermes.
  5. It would depend on your style and budget.

    Which kind of bags do you prefer? (handheld, shoulder or messenger, zipper top or not, etc)
  6. JMO but I think the Garden Party, Evelyne, Vespa and Picotin are all great 1st H bags. :tup: Or anything else you like!
  7. I don't know if it makes a difference if it's your first bag or your 100th - you have to like the style and feel.
  8. You have to love it. For me it was the Kelly. I still feel like a lady whenever I wear it. Just ask the ladies on this subforum, making me feel like a lady is a hard thing to do. :p
  9. :yes: This applies to any bag, Hermes or not :smile: It has to appeal to you and fit your lifestyle.

    Have you visited your local Hermes before? Maybe you can stop in and look at a couple of different bags, see what might work for you. It's easy to see photos online and think a bag would suit you, but it's much different to see things IRL. I visited a couple of times, bought a few small accessories, and ended up with the perfect bag for me :nuts:

    Good luck!

  10. LOL!!:roflmfao: