What do you suggest

  1. What do you suggest is good choice for a 1st Chanel bag?
  2. Definitely a reissue, or a classic flap. You can't go wrong with either and they are absolutely timeless. :yes:
  3. I agree re classic flap or reissue as a first choice, and probably in the color black as it goes with everything (other than a wedding dress). But you didn't say if you basically carry a lot and what occasion you envision using the purse. Are you going to use it for a day bag? And not that the flap or reissue can't fit the need for a day bag as well as evening, the question of size purse comes into play. If you can get thee to a Chanel boutique or retailer that has a good selection, then go and try on various styles and sizes that you are drawn toward. Have fun!!
  4. classic flap in black
  5. Do you like larger bags or smaller bags that would be suitable for evening too? Structured or unstructured? Classic or edgy? Sorry, a lot of questions! I guess you can't go wrong with a classic flap, but if you like a roomier bag or one with a little edge, but is still very Chanel, maybe the expandable flap?
  6. I love the flaps/reissue because they are just so classic.

    However, I think it's hard to really recommend based on anything other than what I would do. It depends on what you like.
  7. Do u like squooshy leather or more structured and what's the budget? That way the chanel selection can be narrowed down.
  8. everyone says Flap, but it's not the right bag for everyone.

    What are your needs?
    Shoulder bag or handbag?
    Big roomy tote or a small-medium bag?
  9. I will have to check out the Flap.

    I prefer shoulder bags. But I am liking my LV Mini Lin Speedy more and more. I tend to like bigger bags.

    I normally carry the following stuff.
    LV Mono Pochette (large size)
    LV Mono Koala Wallet
    LV Mono Cles
    Cell Phone (razr)
    Coach Mini Skinny
    80Gig Ipod
    And there is always some other junk thrown in there at all times.
  10. I'd say a flap in black. Cannot go wrong with this bag!!!!
  11. A Reissue or classic Flap may be right for you, but you sound more like a tote girl to me.
    Browse the Reference Library, see what piques your interest:yes:
    Makes a difference on which tote depending on if you rpefer soft and slouchy or something more structured.
  12. Hmm well the GST is a nice size.

    I love the black with silver hardware or the white, very clean looking. :tup:
  13. Given your tastes, I'd say either a modern chain, GST or Expandable. They all seem to pretty much be "tote-able."
  14. [​IMG]

    ^Jill's Sharpey tote from another thread. TDF!
  15. If you like smaller bags, caviar black medium flap, if you like bigger bags, the jumbo version. OR a reissue 226 or 227.