What do you suggest?

  1. What do you suggest is good choice for a 1st Balenciaga bag?
  2. Either a bright "pop" color for fun or the staple black bag. Whatever you choose I'd say for the city size and 2007 leather (so it's new!).
  3. I would get a black city, or a neutral brown color (this seasons Cinnamon or Mastic) depending on which matches your wardrobe more. The bright colors are so fun, but for your first bag, I would go for a neutral.
  4. I just got my first one a couple of weeks ago.

    I got the City in Aquamarine. In my opinion there are just too many black and neutral bags out there, the colors is what makes Balenciaga so special. :heart:
  5. hMM... good question.. go with something that catches your eye, that way you'd be sure to love your 1st bBag purchase. But, size wise.. The "city" is really popular, as is the work (larger version w/o out the longer shoulder strap, & for an "on the go" hoboish type of bag.. the "day" is really comfy. Good luck~! :wlae:
  6. I agree. I think Balenciaga's are so much more special in some sort of color.

    I think Sandstone is a great choice - still neutral, but the hardware 'pops' on it.
  7. i see you have any brown and black toned guccis and lvs so i would suggest something bright!! like a bright red or blue! and definitely in a city! it's classic and versatile and looks good on everyone!
  8. A red city is a must-have! But it depends on whether you fell in love with balenciaga colors, or if you're looking for something more neutral (in this case, black or sienna would be just wonderful!). Size-wise, for your first, I would go with a City. I find it to be the best size to work with everyday (doesn't get overfilled easily, love the slouch, and looove the optional shoulder strap!). Let us know what you choose!
  9. My first B-bag was an ocean brief. I love the color and about a week later I was back getting a steel city. These bags are addicting!!
  10. ^I love my Ocean too..and feel it is very neutral. I wear it as I would a black bbag.
  11. I would get the RH Black Work. I love mine to death. Make sure it's an 07 F/W though! The bag seems big at first but it's really not and it's soooo comfortable!
  12. ITA - perfect suggestion :tup: