What do you suggest as an everyday bag?

  1. What would be a good everyday bag for when I have my kids with me? Something that can handle a few drops of water. I have three competive swimmers.
  2. A Damier Speedy (the regular color-brown) or anything in Damier. Anything with vachetta (i.e., monogram) will get ruined by water.
  3. I have the alma in damier but thought it looked a bit to dressy. The speedy would be a better choice. Though I just got the speedy 25 in azur.
  4. I think the Daimer line is the most affordable and kid friendly line. Now that Julia is here, I can't bring myself to use my Speedy anymore. Not only is it difficult to carry now with the baby, I'm terrified that I'll get something on it!

    For me: a shoulder bag is a must now!
  5. Which one are you thinking of ? By the way Congrats on your new baby!
  6. i think a bag from the mini LV collection, like the mini lin.hope this helps
  7. Thanks I'll take a look. I had not even thought of those.
  8. Have you thought about the Damier Saleya or the Batignolles Horiontal? The BH has less vachetta than some of the other monogram styles and seems pretty durable.
  9. I suggest the Damier Hampstead MM or the Damier Saleya MM.
  10. Thank you for the great ideas.
  11. Would an Epi bag hold up as well as the Damier canvas as an everyday bag? Also is the Epi leather alot heavier than The Canvas? I going tomorrow and I really need to narrow it down a bit. My LV wish list is two pages long.
  12. I use a Noé mono as an everyday bag. :smile:
    It is a shoulder bag, so easy to carry it. It is a big bag, I can put into it many many things... sometimes I use it as shopping bag ! :rolleyes: :p or 24 hours bag :graucho:
  13. ITA :yes: Saleya MM is a nice and also a practical bag.
  14. Thanks for the help I ended up getting the Batignolles Horizontal today. I don't know how to do the picture thing yet or I would do an unveilng.