What do you stack with your Rolex

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  1. I want to wear my love bracelet with my Rolex but I fear scratching both. Does anyone stack their Rolex with other bracelets and does it scratch either the bracelet or Rolex? I have thought about getting a leather bracelet to go in IMG_1487761426.306690.jpg between. Perhaps the rockstud bracelet but I think that may be a bit on the young side for me. I have looked at the Hermes leather bracelets as well but they all have hardware that I think would hit my Rolex. And I think the CDC would look too Chunky paired with other items on my wrist for me because I have short arms (I'm not that tall). Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  2. Lovely Rolex, is that pink dial? I wouldn't stack anything on my 'watch' wrist as I don't like my watches scratch. I only wear one bracelet on my right wrist and am not a fan of stacking. Sorry, not much help here.

    Even if you get a leather bracelet, there's probably some buckles that you have to deal with unless it's all leather bracelet.

  3. Yes it is a pink one. I think stacks are lovely but also don't want my watch scratched nor my jewelry scratched.

    I have not had much luck finding a leather bracelet that doesn't have hardware other than the Hermes rivale double tour and an lv leather cuff. I guess I'll have to pop by my local stores to check these out!
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  4. Hope you get your problem solved I would fear scrying them also
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  5. Hello I know this is an old post. But would love to see what you decided on stacking.
    I love stacking do it all the time.
    The Rolex on its own it's a beautiful classic piece.
    I have put some pics on how I stack, it all depends on what I am wearing and my rolex doesn't have any scratches maybe because I do put the LV leather bracelet in between.
    IMG_4376.JPG IMG_4545.JPG IMG_4546.JPG IMG_4547.JPG IMG_4549.JPG IMG_4550.JPG
  6. Nothing.
    The Rolex is enough of a statement.
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  7. Love your stacks! Thank you for sharing. I wound up stacking on the opposite arm.
  8. IME jewelry and watches will get scratched it's a fact of life. I don't worry about it I just stack. You can periodically get the items repolished if you desire. JMO. Personally I have been lazy lately and haven't been stacking with any of my watches, so no pics...
  9. I don't stack any of my Rolex with bracelets so I wear my bracelets on my right wrist.
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  10. I like to wear my Hermès Rivale DT with my Rolex Datejust 26mm sometimes. The long leather protects both the watch and the hardware from hitting each other. They arenot as loose on my arm when they are worn together so that is another plus :smile: I’m getting the Cartier Love bracelet in the near future and plan on wearing that on my right wrist alone so as not to scratch the Rolex (or Love!).
  11. Love this!!
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  12. I've been wanting a Herme's bracelet, and was worried about the buckle scratching my Rolex too - just got it from the hubby for my 50th bday. I never thought to look at getting the double wrap! It's looks really nice with yours. My Rolex is also the two tone yellow and steel, but with the silver dial. I'm on line looking at the Hermes bracelets right now ;)
    By the way, your 26mm watch size looks great on you. You must be a TINY lady!! The 26 and 28s looked too small on me. I went for the 31.
    Also, when I was at Tiffany a while back, I asked the gal about bracelets scratching watches. She said that the steel they use in the Roles watches is VERY hard, and that you probably wouldn't get as many scratches as a regular steel watch, but the watch would probably scratch up your jewelry pretty badly. Good to know.
  13. I appreciate your comment! Yes, my wrist is pretty tiny which makes it hard to shop for many bangles out there (i.e., I’m ecstatic that the Cartier love bracelet now comes in size 15, lol). I’m glad that I was able to purchase the Rolex 26mm especially since it’s now been discontinued. Thanks for the heads up about the hardness of the Rolex steel. I agree; definitely good to know if I wish to protect my future jewelry from getting scratched up by it.
  14. The Rolex will definitely scratch other metal bracelets. I never wear bracelets with a watch, that’s what the other hand is good for(!) but the stacking look is in now so perhaps a leather Hermes is a good choice. On the wraps the buckle will only show wear on the edge so at least it will not be as noticeable. Bottega Veneta also has nice woven leather bracelets without much hardware. They’re nice because they don’t scream a brand name with any logos but are still amazing quality and workmanship.
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  15. Thanks for sharing about B. Veneta. I’ll check them out. I hope they make small leather wrap bracelets like Hermès does (I’m an XS/T1 in Hermès leather bracelets). I was also looking at Louis Vuitton leather bracelets, but I don’t think they make them in my size. Would you happen to know of any designer bangles that come in a Cartier size 15? I would like to add a bangle to my jewelry collection, but again, I have the tiny wrist problem. I can’t seem to find any quality bangles out there that are small enough to fit me