What do you sound like, and can you carry a tune???

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  1. I love getting to know everyone on tPF. Everyone's got their own style of writing, personality, and humor. And so I got to thinking, I wonder what people sound like. Do you have a deep voice or high pitched? (Like for some reason, I picture Megs having a sexy, raspy voice, I don't know why. lol) And can you carry a tune???

    As for me, I sound a lot younger than 32, though I don't necessarily have a high-pitched voice. I am somewhat soft-spoken, but laugh hard and loud. lol Oh and I sound exactly like my 31-year old sister (parents can't tell us apart on the phone). As for carrying a tune, I'd like to think I sound like Mariah Carey when I belt it out, but most would probably argue I sound like Roseanne Barr. lol

    How about you?
  2. Some of my friends at school used to call me "The American" because they thought I sounded American? Although I've never lived in the US. (Probably picked it up from watching too much Desperate Housewives etc :lol:).

    My accents weird because in Cheshire people talk 'proper' lol and people say my accents 'posh', but a lot of my families from Manchester so I tend to slip into more of a Mancunian/Northern/Coronation Street accent around them. As for singing.... lets just say I'll never even think of entering the x-factor. My singing is strictly for the car or shower only. Although I like to think I can sing the nursery rhymes pretty well to the kids as they're no so high pitched!
  3. How cool, I forgot about accents! So funny they say you sound like an American. lol!!!
  4. Well I'm a receptionist and a guy that called asked me if "I caused any accidents with a voice like mine", so I assume that I have a sweet/sexy voice? Not so sure if he was joking or not. I live in Chicago so people from other areas of the country say I have a Chicago accent.

    I can carry a tune (kinda) if the song is in a lower pitch. If I try to sing soprano I pretty much suck. :yes:
  5. Weird thing, the other day one of my clients complimented me on my "voice". I sing so I'm guessing I can carry a tune... but he said something like my voice is very "creamy". HAHA. I was :wtf:. I didn't know what it meant... but he said it was a good thing like as if my voice was velvety? I don't have a low voice but it isn't very high pitched either.
  6. I have a total NYC accent. I hate it! It's not quite as bad as "The Nanny" but still. It's funny because I can actually tell which part of NY/NJ people are from. Long Island has a very different accent than say Brooklyn which is also different from the Bronx. NJ (to me) is even more twangy/nasally.
  7. I'm originally from NY but in NJ now and when I say certain words or get angry, the New Yawker comes out in me! LOL!! My pitch is medium, not high or smoldering and I used to be in the choir in Jr. High, so I'd like to think I can carry a tune! ;)
  8. erm, embarrassing to admit, but I sound like my 12 year old daughter.

    If I had a pound for everytime somebody said is your mummy there, when I picked up the phone, I would be very Chanel rich by now ;)

  9. For some reason, I just pictured Carrie from King of Queens. lol

  10. LMBO!!!:girlsigh:
  11. i get compliments on my reading and speaking voice, but my singing voice... uh, no one wants to hear me sing. but it doesn't stop me any! ;)
  12. I don't have a southern accent, but when I go up north, people can tell I'm southern hah

    I'm apparently much more high pitched than I think I am; when I hear a recording of my voice I think wow that can't be me, I sound like a child, lol

    Oh and years of chorus, and I CAN NOT carry a tune :p
  13. First off, I don't come close to being able to carry a tune. Whenever I do the whole "Who sings this song?" And sing the words trying to find out, NONE of my family or friends can ever tell what I'm singing. I've given up.
    And I think my voice sounds pretty normal? I know when I hear it on messages or something I hate it. I always wanted Lindsay Lohan's voice... that raspy scratchy voice she has. But I sound like a little girl!
  14. I think I have a high-pitched voice and I definitley cannot carry a tune, even if you paid me a million USD! LOL!
  15. According to an American accent quiz I took, I have an accent from The Midland, which apparently means I don't have an accent. I think that's their way of saying I have a nonregional dialect, although I think I have a slight Massachusetts accent.

    Granted, it's naht hahd coah, but I think it's detectable when I say certain words.

    I believe I have an alto speaking voice. It's not too high and it's not too low. I was always first soprano in chorus.

    I don't want to brag, but I'd like to think I'm not too shabby when it comes to karaoke.