What do you sell on Ebay?

  1. I usually sell things I don't use anymore. Instead of giving it to the Salvation Army, I see if I can sell it on Ebay. Sometimes I'll sell a handbag or shoes. I usually don't like to sell high priced items because of all the scammers.

    Do you all sell your old stuff or go out and buy things just to sell on Ebay?
  2. I've only bought things on eBay 'cause I'm not too sure how to sell.. I think I'd only sell something I know would actually sell and I'd make some profit.. like the PS3 or WII!!
  3. i don't sell on ebay because of the fees... i've listed some cheap stuff before, but it never sold. i'll buy on ebay, but i think of it as a last resort if i want to sell.

    i often sell on other forums, though. i've sold things like clothes (some new, some used), cosmetics (new/unopened), books, dvds, or random little things i no longer want or need.
  4. I either resell or sell brand name items from my closet. You can't make anything off of eBay if you're just selling random things...the fees kill any minimal profit you might make.

    So mostly I sell designer jeans, Lululemon yoga pants, and a few "hot" items here and there. The rest I sell on forums, give to friends, or donate.
  5. Yep, on eBay it's all about the brand names. I sell designer bags, Manolo Blahnik or Prada shoes, cashmere sweaters. That's where I get most of the money. Then I take the money and buy new stuff!

    Anything that doesn't sell gets donated to charity.
  6. I sell stuff I don't use as well, usually to fund the purchase of something new! I've sold countless bags from my own collection as well as a few cell phones. I've also sold some scrapbooking stuff that I never used... that stuff sells pretty good!
  7. i sell textbooks! i have loads of textbook (currently a student) that i have to get rid of, but usually im just too lazy to post them on ebay. so i have loads of unused books now. :sad:
  8. oh you should put it on Half.com, the system them is so convenient!
  9. i sell clothing shoes and accessories. some are from my closet, some are bought for resale, some are from my lone ta client. lol.
  10. I've never sold on ebay, and I'm not sure if I plan on doing it or any other online transaction. I've done sales over message boards and e-mails--it's hard 'cause sometimes the buyers aren't always reliable and it gives me a headache. I try to sell things in pawn shops or put things on consignment...or I'll sell to friends or hold garage sales.

    If I ever do get around to selling on ebay, I'll just sell old clothes and toys that I no longer need.
  11. Pretty much the same for me - I sell only brand name purses and clothes (mostly never used - I just shop too much:smile:

    It's kind of hit & miss with clothes, you have to find the person who likes your style and in your size, etc. - but I find the Missoni sells very easily and for a decent pricepoint.
  12. I tend to only sell purses. Everything else I try to donate.
  13. I sell only high end purses that I don't want anymore.
    if I sell random little things then the fees are so over my head...it's just not worth it for me.
  14. I sell very little...I've sold a few accessories (bags, sunglasses) that I knew had resale value. Then I turn around and spend the money on more stuff- I think of it as trading 1 item for another so its not actually shopping :smile:
  15. Some experimental Jewelry pieces, gold findings, clothing (mine & my kids), DVDs, handbags