what do you say when.....

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  1. people ask you where you buy your bags and how much is it? if you bought it from ebay or PF, do you tell people that ?? :confused1: :confused1:
  2. I tell them the truth whether it's from ebay or the store or somewhere else unless I'm not comfortable with it (say I'm all alone and a stranger asks).
  3. it depends who asks.. usually i say the store.. i never buy off ebay, but i do on the mp and then i sually say i bought it off a friend.. whihc is technically true. if i say the pf, tooooo many qs get asked.. so i just say friend
  4. I was actually asked recently by a colleague how much my bag was after she told me how broke she is and I didn't have the heart to tell her... So I just said I don't like to talk about money until she stopped asking.
    Usually, though, I just tell the truth...
  5. If it's a close friend I tell the truth....If it's someone I work with/not so close friend I just say something like "enough".....And brush it off.....TOOOO many people have TOOOOOOO much to say sometimes...So I'd rather not give them much to talk about.....But my close friends accept me for who I am....So I always tell them the truth...:heart: Emmy

  6. Tell them it was a gift. And it would be a very true statement: it was a gift to yourself.;)

    As to how much was paid for it? That's the consummate tacky question!! I respond to such tackiness in my own delicate way. That question is right up there with people that look at my diamond jewelry and ask "Is that real???" Even if it IS a CZ piece, I'll say "Yes, it's real." I have lots of diamond pieces and lots of CZ pieces. All are very nice and I don't think less of the CZ pieces. I do think less of anyone so RUDE as to ask "IS THAT REAL??" Sheesh!

    Now if I'm in the mood I've been in this week, I'm equally as likely to say "Is your nose real?" :devil:
  7. Girl, you're evil!:roflmfao: Note to self: Stay away from Prada this week.
  8. Depending on who asks me, my responses are "It was a gift." or "I don't recall." or if it's someone very close, I'll just tell them.

    Only once was someone kinda rude -- a coworker said "geez, how much money do you spend on all those purses anyway?" and my response to her (with an incredulous look) was "I'm sorry, but I don't discuss monetary issues."

    I don't like it when people talk prices. So many times I will compliment someone on their handbag or their jacket or clothing and very often I hear something like "oh thanks. I got it for 75% off!" That just irritates me! :P
  9. I totally agree - I don't like talking $$ and I can't seem to do it even with close friends!! Why is that? DH and his buddies have NO PROBLEM discussing how much they paid for everything!! Of course for them, it's always a competition on who got the best deal.
  10. it depends ... if someone really close and is OK with him/her to spend on luxurious items then i'll tell the turth .. else if they're the OMG 2000$ on bag kind of ppl then noway, i would say a gift ...

    i used to get asked so often in uni .. i either refer them to the mall ( if they're purses ignorant) or tell them ; Oh u dont wish 2 know if they asked about the $$ ...
  11. I usually just tell them ebay. Works for everything.
  12. if I buy it from others aside from the store, I just say, from very important ppl with very important access.. lol lol.... but when I get it from ebay, I just say, I got it from ebay.. as for the price, I have learned not to just talk about it coz I get a scolding when they find out how much I had spent.. lol...
  13. That's what I do too....am vague if I don't know the person that well.
  14. I usually say it was a gift, and it either was from my mom or from myself lol, and say I don't know the price. If someone is doing it to be snarky, though, I'll tell them "You'd know the price if you knew anything about designer purses..." Usually, that stops it. I rarely do that, but I don't like how someone people just assume it's a fake because they personally can not afford it.
  15. i'm with you emmy!