What do you say when someone asks where you got your LV when it is obvious they have

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  1. no idea what LV is? I was in a small town restaurant and the cashier complimented me on my orange vernis key cles and asked me where I got it. It was pretty obvious that she was not familiar with LV so I just said ... I got it out of town (which was true). I didn't say it was LV and just thanked her.

    But this is not the first time I have been asked that. Once I said "at the boutique" because I thought it was obvious since I was getting complimented on an LV mono bag that I had but that just lead to more questions.

    When someone compliments me I just say "Thanks" but when they have to ask wher I purchased it I just never know what to say and stumble about trying to say something that doesn't sound pretentious.
  2. ^^^ I'm the same way. I sometimes say "Oh my mom got it for me..." just to avoid questions . :wacko:
  3. ^^I agree its a weird question. I am always lke... uhm I got it at Louis Vuitton.. ? LOL Clearly they expect you to say.. Oh I got it at target(something they will know) ha ha
  4. I get asked this now and then, I usually just say from the bag store.
    If people don't know LV a lot of times I think they are just curious as to where they could buy the bag. In some cases it is a compliment, other times I find the person is implying my bag is fake and wanting to know where I found it. Doesn't bother me.
  5. i guess you could lie and say from neiman/saks? because neiman/saks does sell lv...... some people can easily find a neiman/saks in their city, but not a lv boutique. it was like that when i was shopping in san antonio, tx. no lv boutique, but they had saks and neiman. :]
  6. i say the same thing when im in certain places, or when im talking with certain people. "oh, this? i got it while i was on vacation" or "my ..(parents, bf).. got it for me"
  7. Me too. If anyone asks I just say I'm not sure, and If I don't know the person sometimes I just say it's fake, so they will leave me alone. I feel awkward when people say that, like they're wondering if its fake. :P I also do what lvuittonaddict does, I tell them I got it on vacation or something like that.
  8. Well LV only sells through their actual boutiques. So technically the LVs in Saks and Neimans and Macys are inside the department store but not part of the department store itself.

    If someone asked me where I got something that was obviously LV I would just say "at the boutique". If they dont understand I will explain that its LV and that they only sell through their own boutiques.

    Ive noticed here and on another thread that some of us are shy about our LVs. This makes me sad. I come from humble backgrounds but I work hard for my luxury goods and while I am not the type to brag or show off, if someone asks me where I got something I will tell them. At the end of the day it makes me feel good and I am not hurting myself or anyone else.
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  10. haha it has happened to me before!
    The person asked me where I got my bag from...(probably thinking that it's a fake and from Ctown!) and I was a bit takenaback and didn't know what to say besides, at the store. And they then asked where, so I said Manhasset. Lolz.. They of course then asks "oh, don't they sell them on the streets of Chinatown?!?" double lolz.
    You just have to laugh at what ppl say..but yea, sometimes I feel a bit shy about owning LVs since I don't want to seem snobby or materialistic. But to each his/her own.
  11. No one's really asked about a LV piece... I mean, it's pretty obvious. My bag is also not my only higher end accessory, so it's like peek in my bag--- the LV pochette, cles, MBMJ neon leather wallet, Tom Ford sunglasses... That's all fake too (no, not really).

    I do get sincere questions about where I get my bags, but they are always about my Botkiers. They're the kind of classic bag that you fall in love with even if you don't what brand they are.
  12. I also answer this question by saying that it was a gift.
  13. Just say the Louis Vuitton store which ever one. Now if you are in a rough area just say it was a gift.
  14. I've been asked that a lot actually and I always just say 'the mall' :smile:
  15. Easiest is always... "Oh! It was a gift from the parents when they went overseas!"
    No Qs abt how much, etc and definitely no remarks abt why i would spend so much on a bag.. some people just don't get it!