What do you say when someone asks how much your bag costs?

  1. This really burns me up. Not when a friend or someone who you can tell is really interested in buying a bag. But, when relatives or other people comment or actually come right and ask you "how much did you pay for that?" People (family, friends, etc.) actually ask me how much I paid and then shake their heads like I'm crazy for spending that much on a bag. Does this P--s you off like it does me????? I can never think of a good comback-especially to family or friends. Why can't they just mind their business and not worry about what I spend my money on?????? AAAARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!! :censor: :censor:

    Sorry bout the rant. :rant: :rant:
  2. "More than you can afford pal! Louis Vuitton!" hehe..i'm JOKING!~(car joke) :graucho: :lol:

    I just say I love it and that is all that matters! :flowers:
  3. I wouldn't answer that personally.
    It's a rude question coming from some people. . . and we know who they are! LOL!
    Some people. . . I don't mind talking candidly about money with, but not others.
    I'd lie and say it was a gift or just tell them you don't want to talk about it.
  4. I feel so uncomfortable in these situations.. I usually don't even tell my closest friends. One of my friends loves handbags as much as I do and we talk about it. I picked up the line "Oh, that's not important," from her, but that usually doesn't stop the questions. Usually I ignore it, just say that I can't remember, or that it was a gift.. which is kind of rude, but I hate when people ask!
  5. Depends on the situation but most of the time they are in dis******belief.:graucho:
    Hard to grasp unless you have the same passion. Wait until I purchase my Birkin(s)......:shocked:
  6. my usual is "too much but it was worth it to me."
    works well; but yes, it does tick me off because i do get that look from certain peoiple
  7. I ignore people when they ask. If they keep asking, I keep ignoring them. They eventually stop.
  8. That's happened to me many times (not just with a purse) and I usually say "probably more than I should have" and just laugh...

    Only once did someone not get the hint and kept pushing it and I finally said "I really don't care to discuss prices" and left it at that. She didn't ask me again.

    What bugs me is when I compliment someone on something like their coat and they'll say "I got a deal on it -- it was 50% off!" Why bother mentioning it at all? Just a pet peeve of mine. :P
  9. I would only tell someone who also buys designer bags & would be interested in getting one as well.
  10. Yea, but I'm talking about people you Can't ignore, like, mother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, people like that. What do you say to them?? Cause It just KILLS me................
  11. My mom always said to just say it was a gift.
  12. I know what you mean. Very few people understand why we would pay for a good handbag and it is embarassing if someone who doesn't have financial means asks.
    Either way it is a rude question. I was taught you don't discuss money with people.
  13. I say I don't remember.
  14. I have an upcoming family wedding, my plans are to say, you know I got it on eBay and I honestly don't remember.
    Also, pretending you didn't hear the question and changing the subject is another plan.
  15. I just tell them "You don't want to know!" It seems to end the conversation right then and there.:lol:
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