What Do You Say When Someone Asks for Your Opinion

  1. Do you tell the truth or tell them what you think they want to hear? Or something in between?

    At Hermes Alaska today, a young woman and her older companion were looking at a Rouge H Clemence Evelyn and an 32cm Orange Swift Retourne Kelly. She was having a difficult time deciding which bag she wanted and enlisted my help. She looked terrific with the Evelyn, like it was made for her, and she might have looked great with a Kelly in another color. The orange was awful with her skin tone. Seriously awful.

    Her companion offered her no help whatsoever, and simply asked her to decide. Her SA also kept completely quiet, probably wishing for the Kelly sale.

    So, what did I do? I told her that the Evelyn looked fabulous on her (because it did) and didn't say anything at all about the Kelly. I could have suggested that she consider looking at Kellys in other colors, but kept those thoughts to myself. Should I have spoken up? Would you?
  2. I would have given her my honest opinion, because that is what I hope for when I'm shopping and need help! I think you did fine, millstream!
  3. I think you handled it perfectly. I have learned to keep quiet unless my opinion is asked for specifically. I always try to diplomatic and honest.
  4. You did fine MS. I think if someone is agnozing over something part of them knows it will not work for them.

    As long as it's framed positively....ie That red looks great on you! It helps.

    I've told a few shoppers at H when the bag they were trying on stopped me in my tracks.
  5. For some reason, this always happens to me - people always ask my opinion (I guess I should take it as a compliment - I must look like an honest person with good taste). Usually, someone will ask which is better as between two pieces both of which are great. Of course, its easy to tell the truth in that instance. If one of them is really not so good, I never lie. As you did, I find a way to tactfully tell the truth. I would have probably said, "orange can be a difficult color to live with for a lot of people...rouge H is classic and works with almost everything...if you are torn, consider maybe you like the style of one, but the color of the other? If thats the case, you may have to wait a little, but I am sure that your SA would try to get one for you"
  6. I think you handled it very politely. I would've added something regarding the colour on the Kelly though.. doesn't have to be rude, like: "It's a great style on you, but maybe a (insert colour here) would make your (insert a feature here) stand out a lot more".
  7. I actually appreciate an honest answer when I've asked for others opinions. I can't believe her friend/mom/whatever didn't give any opinions. When I'm not shopping with a friend, I will ask others what they think if I am unsure--so you did the right thing!
  8. You did the right thing. It would be awful if she'd made a $6000 mistake. :smile:
  9. i would have done exactly what you did, millstream. would have been really enthusiastic about the better suited bag. so, it would be implied that the other one doesn't work as well. if she insisted that she loved the kelly, then maybe i would have suggested another range of colors. i really appreciate it when my SA gives me her honest opinions about what works/doesn't work for me.
  10. I would not tell someone they looked awful, I would just compliment the bag that looked better. I think you handled it very gracefully.
  11. I got the sense that her companion was there with the $$$$ and that she'd have to seize the moment and get something right then and there. I like your approach, jedimaster, and wish I could have found a way to work the rest in. However, with her SA and her companion standing right there, it was hard to know how much to say. I opted for lavishly complimenting her on how she looked with the Evelyn.
  12. Millstream, it sounds like you handled it perfectly. I am curious though - did she buy one and if so, which one?
  13. I have no idea, jedimaster. She was still dithering when I left. I do wonder if she took so long in hopes that her companion would buy both for her. If so, then I really wish I'd found a way to steer her away from that Orange Kelly. :shrugs:
  14. Sounds like a tactful and very graceful way to answer the question Millstream - I try to come down with compliments on the option I like rather than negatives on the one I do not.

    Like Grandma always said; "if you don't have anything nice to say...."
  15. I personally want an orange Hermes so if I am ever trying it on and it looks bad on me, it might sting at first- but I hope someone is honest! lol...You did the right thing. Good job!