What do you say when people ask how much you paid for the Spy?

  1. :roflmfao: Had been carrying my new chocco Spy for the last week and hoping to stay undercover like how it was with my B -bags... BUT it appears that most people know what it is ... even in Singapore where I have only seen 2 real ones in the last few months....
    soooooo, what do you say when people ask you point blank how much you paid for it? so far, I have declined to answer .. :hysteric: the first query I had was met with an awkward pause...
    what is a quick witty way to answer? I really like my bag but I am beginning to be embarrassed by the pointed questions....
    there was a lady at a lunch time seminar whom just pointed at my bag and said: "wow, you have it... I had to fly to Tokyo to get it for a friend! and then asked me how much I paid for it!"..then the whole table just stopped their lunch and looked expectantly at me. :rant:
  2. :yes: I know what you mean...I think it's a sensitive issue when it comes to handbags. You don't want people to think you're crazy for spending so much on a bag, but then someone who appreciates what a bag is worth and how much it means to it's owner will understand why we spend so much on our prized possessions. I think it can be a little rude for a complete stranger to ask what you have spent on your handbag, if someone were to ask me I would just say it was expensive and then tell them to go to Fendi and see or try one on in person....we have a right to enjoy wearing our bags without people making us feel bad, guilty or embarassed. I personally own expensive and non expensive bags and they are ALL special to me...I guess that's what being a Handbag Addict is all about!:lol:
  3. I just say "I'd rather not say" or "I am not telling" and they don't ask any more.
  4. I laugh and smile....and say you are kidding right?? That is like asking a woman how much she weighs...come on now!!! A woman never tells, isnt it pretty though??:nuts:
  5. i just say, "I don't remember :shrugs:." :lol:
  6. ^^Me too. I usually say something like "I'm don't remember" or "Not sure, it was a gift".
  7. I usually say, I don't recall and change the subject. I want them to get the point that I didn't like that they asked me.
  8. I was asked tis very question by a salegirl in Harrod's once (toy dept), and I just told her £xxx and she was like, wowww I'll never spend that much on a bag. DUH.

    I didn't ask her did I?! :rant:

    Next time, I'll just not say! :Push:
  9. I always say, "Oh, I'm really not sure. It was a gift." That usually ends it. I think it's rude to ask anyone how much they spent on anything.
  10. I say, i paid a very very pretty penny for it :lol:
  11. It kind of depends on who's asking, usually I just tell the truth and stare them down while at it, so far nobody's replied with more then an "Oh"
  12. This happened to me this week.
    I said,
    "It's Fendi!" but I was being a smartass and knew the person really well ;)
  13. No one has ever asked me how much it cost ... usually they just say that it's a beautiful bag. Some even knew that it was a Fendi so I think they already knew its price.
  14. I LOVE that reply!!!
  15. Usually I just give a rough range of the price.