What do you say when buyer asks why you are selling?

  1. I actually haven't sold any used bags on eBay, just a few Fendi bags that I got really good deals on at Barney's that I thought I could resell for a small profit on eBay. However, I am always getting questions like "why are you selling this bag?" or "do you have a genuine reason for selling this?" I mean, what is a "genuine" reason? Why would I sell it if I didn't have a "genuine" reason. Plus, shouldn't it be obvious that if I am selling a bag NWT, I'm trying to make a profit on it? That's why most people go into business, right? Anyone else have this problem?
  2. I think that's a question you don't really have to answer and I would consider it far outside proper etiquette, except if it's after the deal is closed and it's a friend or something along those lines.
  3. I usually sell bags from my personal collection. Most of the bags I sell are pre-owned, but once in a while I do have a NWT handbag I never used that I will list for sale.

    I don't get asked that question too often (why are you selling the bag), but if they did ask, the typical reason for me would be that I am making room for new bags, cleaning my closet, or just never got around to using it. Potential buyers are usually satisfied with this and it is the truth!

    Hope this helps! :yahoo:
  4. The thing is, this isn't actually true for me, because the bags I buy and sell on eBay I bought for the purpose of selling them, not for my personal collection. I guess maybe I should just say I changed my mind? I seriously get this question ALL THE TIME.
  5. I just tell them the truth. Usually its because I haven't used the bag much and want to make room for other bags.

    Tell them you got it on sale and decided you didn't want it.
  6. I always say I changed my mind no matter what the reason is.
  7. wow, you get asked that? Just say you didn't want it anymore.
  8. I too just give the reason - but then I am not someone who ever buys to sell and that probably makes it much easier. Is there any shame though in running an honest business? I guess I'd still be inclined to be straight with people - but understand it is easy for me to say as a 'private seller'. I am reminded though of what my mother used to quote at me - 'always tell the truth then you never have to remember anything' . . .! She attributed it to Mark Twain but may have been wrong, good advice though!
  9. yeah, why don't you just say, I am bought it to sell - what is wrong with that? Otherwise I would just ignore the question.
  10. This is great advice!!

    If you are selling to make a small profit, there is NOTHING wrong with that!! Sometimes dedicated shoppers come across awesome deals and just want to pass them along to other buyers! I know I have benefited from this a time or two!

    Hey....:idea: That could be something you could put directly into your auction and hopefully avoid all of the questions....you found a great deal that you want to pass along to the buyers in cyber-shopping land. Simple as that & it's 100% Honest & true!! :wlae:
  11. I'd tell them I'm a shopaholic and just bought too many!
  12. I tell my buyers that I am cleaning out my closet and selling bags I no longer use to make room for new bags which is my real reason for selling.
  13. I've never been asked that question but I'd tell them I'm selling because I don't use it the way I thought and I need the money to "invest" in new bags:yes:
  14. I've never been asked. . . no one will probably ask you.
  15. i have said the items was the wrong size for my use, i bought it and changed my mind, or i bought it to sell it.
    if they don't like it they dont' bid.