What do you say to 0 feedback bidders?

  1. In my seller's terms, it says that 0 feedback and negative feeback ebayers should contact me before bidding. I was just thinking about this, and what are some good things to ask if they email you? I know it's just to see if they're legit, but I was wondering what others do in this situation that seems to work. Thanks for any tips!
  2. I have always wondered that too because they email you to say well here I am. What actually do you reply to them!
  3. I also ask that anyone with zero feedback email me prior to bidding. If they don't, they get blocked.

    Most will comply and send me an email. I pretty much just thank them for their interest, let them know that I ship very quickly and make sure they are fully aware of my payment terms.

    All of my auctions are set up where buyers must already have a PayPal account in order to bid since all of my auctions are PayPal only, so there's no need to ask if they have one in place prior to their bidding.

    I rarely have any problems with zero feedback bidders.
  4. That makes sense print*model. Do you say anything to 0 fb bidders that don't contact you before you block them?
  5. I think that by emailing you, they are showing that they are interested in your item, and not just bidding for the sake of it. I would respond 'Thanks for your interest - and please go ahead and bid, I look forward to doing business with you', or something similar. By making personal contact they are less likely to be a non paying bidder, or a kid with a trigger happy finger!

    Funnily enough, the only Non Paying Bidder I've had so far (after about 250 transactions) has been someone with a feedback score of 30. I've had a lot of newbies, and they have all turned out to be great buyers.
  6. I don't have anything against 0 feedback bidders in my auctions. If they win and don't pay, I'll do a second chance offer. That's never happened to me before, though.
  7. I just try to make some conversation with them, find out about their experience with the type of bag I am selling, and generally make sure they understand and agree to the terms of the transaction. If anything made me feel uncomfortable I would not accept their bid, but I have found it usually works out fine.
  8. Yep. If I have time before the auction ends, I just send them a message letting them know that if they would like to remain as a bidder on my auction that they please respond ASAP. I also point out that all of my auctions require that "all zero feedback bidders email me prior to bidding" just in case they over-looked it. Those that respond get to stay in the running for them item. Those that don't get blocked.
  9. I think you can set your preferences to stop anyone with 0 feedback bidding on your item - I did that the other day
  10. Really? Is that a new feature because I didn't think you could do that. My auctions are set up to block bidders with 2 unpaid item strikes in the past month (I think) but I didn't know you could block zero fb bidders.

    I really don't have a problem with new bidders. Even the most seasoned eBayer started out with a big (0) next to their id. LOL! I'll gladly give anyone a chance as long as they clearly understand my terms prior to bidding.
  11. I remember starting myself, so tend to send a friendly thanks for contacting me and ask if they have any questions/concerns before bidding. That kind of thing. Never blocked nor worried about anyone on the basis of that sort of contact and find it very reassuring.
  12. I also ask them if they have a verified PayPal account and remind them that I only ship to confirmed addresses.
  13. I basically just want them to ask if its okay to bid because then I at least know that they read through all the text on the listing and hopefully didn't miss anything crucial like dimensions of the item.