What do you "salt"?

  1. I'm not a big salter but use it as a must for a few things: corn-on-the-cob, french fries and watermelon. On occassion, I'll add a few shakes to a steak or hamburger.

    What do you salt?
  2. I salt most things as I cook them, but I'm not a big "salter" at the table. I do tend to salt corn-on-the-cob and french fries (like you), but I also salt baked potatoes and pizza. That's about it for me, other than what I cook with.
  3. Absolutely everything! I salt even before I taste- how taboo! I salt every morsel that enters my mouth, from fruit to salsa!

    Whoa- what a crazy newbie!!
  4. nothing really. I salt watermelon too. I mostly use pepper, garlic, onion, rosemary, basil leaves, cilantro, etc. I dont really feel like I need to add more salt that is naturally in almost every product.
  5. I salt my boiling pasta water and use Kosher salt when I cook.
  6. I don't salt anything after it's already being served. I just don't like the way salt looks sprinkled on top of food, just lying there. Haha. I have a friend who salts everything though. She puts it on pineapple, fries, burgers, etc.
  7. i add salt when i stir fry vegetables, preparing raw chicken, pasta water (though this was indicated on the package instruction lol), doing egg omelette, and on the rare occasion when i take coke/pepsi i may occasionally add salt - heard that it's better for health :sweatdrop:. i do like my macdonald french fries to taste salty :p
  8. I only use it when I'm cooking, and add it to most recipes. It doesn't really show up on the dining table though, as I try to keep SO aware of his blood pressure, which is just a smidge too high for someone his age.
  9. Same here! I feel like it should be evenly mixed in or not at all...

    Re: the pineapple though, I salt water and soak pineapple in it after it's been peeled and chopped up, rinse it and chuck it in the fridge - tastes great but more importantly, it takes that sting out (the one that shreds your mouth up after a few pieces).
  10. I pretty much only lightly salt veggies & meats - but with the meats it's usually mixed in a seasoning used to prep. Occasionally I'll salt chowder if it's lacking. A lot of people I know salt everything including pizza - yuck!!
    I'm definitely not a big salter.
  11. I use it when I cook. And mostly use Mediterranean sea salt. The iodized salt is too bitter for my taste.
  12. I use salt very sparingly, especially when I cook.
  13. I love salt on Granny Smith apples!
  14. Let's just say that the only thing I do not sold is sweets and drinks! I just love salt even though I know it is not healthy!
  15. ^ Me too! I salt everything!!!!!!!

    I like sweets too, but I definitely prefer salty. My sodium levels and blood pressure have always been low, so it's no biggie. And I do use sea salt which is lower sodium.

    I love margaritas, pretzels, salt bagels-- pretty much anything I can lick the salt off of! I love going to the beach and tasting the salty air. Yummmm :wlae:

    ps- yes, I know I'm a weirdo :p