What do you regret *not* buying?

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  1. A Bottega Veneta "terra cotta" woven hobo for $600 at the outlet in Cabazon. DAMN SHOULD HAVE DONE IT. :evil:

  2. Ahh, I was there last year during their mad Black Friday sale and they had some good stuff there too!! But I wasn't into BV until now... :cry:
  3. I regret not buying LV when they're super cheap (like yrs ago)!! Now with the price hike... ::sigh::
  4. A Tod's Ravello Grande from a year or so ago.
    My mouth still waters. "Clean up in aisle 9." Gosh dang it!
  5. So far, no regrets...but I do get buyer's remorse occasionally. I will usually buy it if I kinda like it, take it home, try it out..keep it or return it. If the return policy is bad, then I have to without a doubt absolutely love it to buy it.
  6. Hmmm...the small YSL St. Tropez in white...thats the only one I can think of right now :biggrin:

    Add that Givenchy pumpkin bag to that list :sad:
  7. I feel for you...beautiful bag....:sad:
  8. the Mulberry apple green blenheim that was on sale for $374 (down from $795) at Nordstrom a few weeks ago...the more i think about it, the more it's such an adorable bag...
  9. LV Cerises Speedy from the boutique. It's not the same buying it from someone on Ebay :sad:
  10. Cerises Speedy! I was at the store with my husband and chose a cabas piano and miniature pouchette (with gold chain) instead.
    That was so stupid. I love what I got but could have gotten then at any point. To chicken to buy on Ebay. Oh well......
  11. the golden gucci shoes from last summer (i think). the ones with the snake head. those were fabulous.
  12. A Louis Vuitton bag in 2001. The prices were much lower.:biggrin:
  13. Same here! I see receipts of ones being sold on eBay that were purchased a few years ago, and the prices were much better compared to now :suspiciou
  14. I ordered an LV catalogue in 2001 and the price list from that year makes me want to cry. What in the world was I thinking...I should have bought at least two!!!
  15. cerise pochette from the LV boutique. I didn't know they were limited at the time and two weeks later they were gone.