What do you regret not buying?

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Jun 10, 2008
I though that it would be interesting to start a thread in regards to the things that you missed out on .

You know the things that slipped away, things you wish you bought and when you finally realised that you wanted them you could no longer find them.

Things to include are why you missed out of them, what size you are looking for and any stories of people search for that ilusive pair. As I started the thread I suppose its only right that I say what im searching for.

Goya booties in black 40. The one with the ruffles. I missed out on them as i thought that they were too expensive at the time. When they went on sale I thought that they woukd drop the price some more and if never hapended. There were only the really small sizes left and I was gutted.

I have had many searches on ebay to no avail. Now lets hear your stories.



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Jan 18, 2009
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i missed out on buying salopette 120, yoclou, catenita and caberet, all in a size 40 :crybaby:

now all i can find is sizes too small or too big for me, typical though.

plus ive missed out on a few choos and blahniks.

i missed out on most of them simply because about 6 months ago i hates shoes, i hated designers like manolo blahnik, jimmy choo and christian louboutin, but suddenly i got obsessed and since then have never found any of the shoes in my size, plus doesnt help that i hardly have any money left haha.

lately i have noticed some of the shoes i have been desperate for, ever since i found salopette, i suddenly found most of the ones i have hunted for within a few weeks, sadly didnt have money for any of them.
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Jun 7, 2008
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I missed out on the Peniches (I would have taken any color cuz I love them all) during the Saks fire sale which really makes me sad because I love the style but just can't see paying that much (regular price) for a loafer type of shoe. Now it seems like the newer style has a double platform which I don't like nearly as much either.


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Nov 29, 2006
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Sing Sing in a half size to small for me...the auction ended early with the shoes never being sold...and to this day I still wonder where they are :sad:


Jul 22, 2008
I literally missed out on a pair of Miss Marples on ebay back in November .. i mean literally. My DF had taken me out for dinner so i thought no problem i'll bid on my bb. NO RECEPTION!! We got outside and i just missed ther auction by ONE MINUTE. And to make matters worse, they sold for £100. I was utterly gutted.


Jan 5, 2006
I regret not getting a pair of Fiorellinos and black leather Gwenissimas when they were available at the boutiques. I couldn't decide on what color Fiorellinos to get, and I did't get the Gwens because I was being "sensible" and thought I'd tire of them after a season. :rolleyes:


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Jan 11, 2008
Fushia Suede Rolandos :cursing:

And the Ivory Python Jaws that Evolkatie BIN'd - why did I not just press the damn button?

And - well, pretty much everything that's in my sig really - can't believed I passed on all of them at some stage :rolleyes: (except the ostrich Pigalles & B/W Armadillos)


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Aug 19, 2008
i wish i got the

*eb declics when they came out :crybaby:
*rodartes i saw these in the look book but didn't do for me till i saw them in person and my jaw dropped that i knew i wanted them but i know i was only kidding myself coz it i couldn't really ever afford them..:girlsigh:
* Fushia Declics i tried these but felt a little pressured at the time to buy and my heart wasn't melting.
* Lady Greys Royal blue & Yellow ...the uk didn't get these
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Jul 16, 2008
I wish I got the C'est Moi booties and Armadillos in Black & Anthracite leather.... I kept missing out on those during the NM and Saks sales -- guess I better prowl *Bay!
Jul 30, 2006
EB suede rolandos that were on ebay a couple months ago

Biggest regret is bellas fuschia suede lady gres :crybaby:

I'm also regretting not getting laureens babels


Nov 24, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
Black Finzi Pigalles on Ebay (think they went for $300 or something in that neighborhood)

Green Paillette Decolettes on Ebay (think they went for $350 or something ridiculously cheap!)

Bordeaux Alti Pumps (again, under $300... what a steal!)