What do you recommend I put on a brand new mono bag?

  1. I don't have any appleguard, leather protectant, waterproof spray, nothing. Do you recommend I buy one of these for my brand new monos to protect them from water stains. Or should I leave them alone. I am kind of nervous, I don't want to darken or change the lovely light vachetta at all.
  2. use Shining Monkey. that's the best i've used so far. it dries really fast and doesn't leave any stains or smells. unfortunately, the vachetta WILL darken over time, but Shining Monkey delays the process. yeah, if i could find a way to stop the process altogether i would :yes:
  3. Completely agree. I have used it on the vachetta and it definetely dries supper fast.
  4. I don't use anything, but I only have like 3 or 4 mono bags.
  5. Does shining monkey change the color of vachetta?
  6. I have not experienced and I have applied to at least 6 purses (leather part only). Some of them already had some patina but I wanted to prevent water marks others had very little patina and they did not change at all.
  7. Thanks!
  8. I don't use anything.
  9. I've never put anything on my mono bags, and some of them are over 5 years old now and the canvas still is good as new! The handles develop a honey color after awhile, which I think looks so nice!
  10. I'm not planning on putting anything on my Mono bags. Guess I'm too much of a chicken to apply any sprays on.
  11. I put Shining Monkey on the leather parts of my new BH and Cerises Pochette. It does indeed dry quickly and does not change the color of the leather at all. However, it does stink (a bit like nail polish remover) while you're applying it - next time I'll do it outside instead of in my office. The smell disappears immediately though, it doesn't stay on the bag.